Character: Drakor the Elusive

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Character: Drakor the Elusive

Post  Fu3l3dGam3r on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:44 pm

Name: Drakor the Elusive
Player: Jay
Description: A 5'6" tan man that blends into the crowd, his name is known by all, but appearance known to few. Legend has it he is the Great King of "The Dark Isles", however "The Dark Isle's" is just a legend, right? affraid

Max/Current HPs: 10/10
Max/Current APs: 10/10
Movement Speed: 4
Unspent XPs: 9


Dual WieldThe character has practiced using two weapons at once. While wielding a separate weapon in each hand, the character can make two attacks (one with each weapon) as part of the same action. The character can still only use one action to attack with, but can attack twice with it.
Quick ReflexesThis advantage allows the character to react more quickly when faced with danger or other suddenness. She/he gains a +1 bonus on all initiative rolls and defense rolls. 
RiposteThe character has mastered the art of the counter-attack. Whenever the character successfully defends against an attack, you can spend an AP (as a reaction) to immediately make an attack against the attacker!
Shadow Magic, BasicThe character understands how to use basic spells associated with the manipulation of shadows. In its simplest form, this allows the character to use her/his spellcraft bonus in place of the stealth skill when hiding or otherwise trying to remain unseen. The character can also use such magicks to emanate light  up to 10 yards in all directions (that is, 21 yards in diameter, centered on the character). Activating this light uses an action, but the light remains “on” until the caster dies or uses another action to extinguish it.
Shadow Magic: Blotting DarknessThe character can now “see” in the dark without penalty. He has also learned to absorb light, effectively “emanating” darkness all around. The darkness “spreads” to fill an area that is 3 yards in diameter, centered on the caster. No natural light can penetrate this darkness, but magical light negates it (overlapping areas return to their natural conditions). Without some magical means of seeing in the dark, anyone inside the area is effectively blind. Peering into the darkness is equally impossible. Activating this darkness uses an action, but the darkness stays around the caster for as long as the she/he maintains it by using an action each round to do so. As usual, those who cannot “see” automatically fail vision-based perception checks and cannot make ranged attacks unless they have some means of discerning the target’s location. Furthermore, they suffer a -2 penalty on attack rolls and defense rolls while unable to see.  The caster can blot out the light in an even bigger area by spending APs. For each AP spent, the diameter of the darkness increases by 2 yards. (So, spending 1 AP darkens everything in an area that is 5 yards in diameter; spending 2 APs darkens everything in an area that is 5 yards in diameter). The most AP that a caster can spend in this fashion is limited to half of the character’s normal AP maximum.


Detestable. Nobody really likes your character. You suffer a -2 penalty on all social rolls and can never have henchmen


Defense [+2] Use the defense skill to protect yourself from physical attacks.

Disguise [+2] Use the disguise skill to make yourself look like somebody you’re not. Even a simple disguise, requiring only a quick change of clothes, will allow you to “look the part” if onlookers have no reason to be suspicious. For example, if you’re dressed as fisherman while standing on the peer, most passersby will assume you’re a fisherman. With a simple disguise, however, you still look like you. A more sophisticated disguise also requires the use of a disguise kit, which takes about an hour, but works better for obscuring your true identity. If you run into somebody who might recognize you, make a skill roll. If the result equals or exceeds the observer’s perception, then they don’t recognize you. If not, then they do. There are, of course, modifiers to the difficulty. If the observer is a close friend or loved one, then they get a +2 bonus to their perception. If your character naturally has a distinctive appearance, then you suffer a -2 penalty to the roll; for example, any advantage or disadvantage that is related to shape, size, or appearance. If you try to pass yourself off as a member of a different race or gender, then another -2 penalty is a applied to the roll.You can even go so far as to create a disguise that will allow you to pass yourself off as a specific individual. This is the most difficult type of disguise to pull off. Any modifiers that apply to obscuring your own identity also apply to the attempt. Furthermore, any of those modifiers that apply to the person you are trying to impersonate get added again. Anyone who knows the person you are trying to impersonate, even a casual acquaintance, gets another +2 to their perception. For example, if your character is a human male trying to pass himself off as a specific female giant, then you would suffer a -6 penalty to the roll (-2 each for race, gender, and size). Anyone who knows her would gain a +2 bonus to their effective perception (+4 if they happen to be a close friend or loved one). Regardless of how well the disguise is, a deception roll is probably needed to really “sell it.”
Melee [+2] Melee is used for up-close and personal combat. Add your melee skill when you attack with a melee weapon. You can also use this skill to repair or evaluate the quality of a melee weapon. You can add half of your melee skill, in place of the defense skill, when defending against attacks.
Spellcraft [+2] Use the spellcraft skill to cast spells. You can also use it as a “lore” skill when dealing with questions about magic (e.g. to identify a spell when you see it cast, to know the details about a specific spell, or to recall the history of a specific magic item).
Reputation [+1] Slew two dragons in the slumbering forest.


Dagger (3 Damage)
Parrying Dagger (2 Damage, +1 to Defense)

(Light) Leather Armor (2 DR)

Walking Stick
Clothes -hooded worn/tattered cloak
-Disguise Kit
-small tent
-weapon care kit
-rope (17 yards)
belt pouch


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