Character: Jasmine Landsend

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Character: Jasmine Landsend

Post  zappo168 on Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:34 am

Name: Jasmine Landsend
Player: Kara Taylor/Zappo
Description: Tall, muscular, and rowdy, one would hardly guess she was the twin to the frail and gentle Iris. Jasmine’s personality has developed around protecting her sister, and she has been known to form other protective bonds with those in need as well. Jasmine’s hair is shoulder-length and red, and her skin slightly darker and world-worn than her sister, with a dusting of freckles. Her left eye, although still present, suffered a terrible wound in a bar fight and no longer functions fully. A huge vertical gash down her face tells the story. She sports scale mail and carries an unadorned metal shield. A longsword is close at hand, as are a set of throwing knives on her belt.

Max/Current HPs: 15/15
Max/Current APs: 10/10
Movement Speed: 4 (3 in Armor)
Unspent XPs:

-Danger sense: The character has an innate and unexplainable sense for danger. The character always gets a defense roll, even when she was previously unaware of an opponent. Extra damage from a “surprise attack” does not apply. Furthermore, she gains a +2 bonus to all initiative rolls.
-For 12 XPs, you can increase the bonus from +2 to +3.

-Diehard: The character is exceptionally difficult to kill and can survive to -15 HPs (instead of just -10, like everyone else). Even when reduced below -15 (or “killed” by some other effect), the character can spend an AP to not be dead. GM’s are encouraged to let this result stand and not “finish off” the character after the AP is spend. This ability should only be negated when it would be completely ridiculous and “unbelievable” for the character to survive.
-For 12 XPs, you can survive to -20 (instead of -15 HPs.)

-Fast Healer: The character heals quickly and regains an extra 2 HP whenever she is healed (naturally or magically). Furthermore, you can spend an AP at any time to regain 2 HPs (no action required).
-For 12 XPs, you can increase the number of HPs gained from 2 to 3.  

-Hardy: The character is extremely durable and healthy. The character starts with an extra 5 HP (that is, 15 instead of 10) and gains a +2 bonus on any health or stamina-related rolls, including rolls to resist poison, disease, or exhaustion.
-For 12 XPs, you can increase the bonuses from +2 to +3. Extra HP must be purchased separately.

-Iron Blooded: Iron-blooded characters are resistant to magical effects. You gain a +2 bonus on any roll made to resist magical effects and can spend an AP to “break free” of any magical effect you are already under.
-For 12 XPs you can increase the bonuses from +2 to +3

Disadvantage: (if any)
-One eye: Your character is blind in one eye or missing it altogether. You suffer a -2 penalty on visual perception rolls and all ranged attack rolls.

-Athletics +2
-Intimidation +2
-Melee +2/add half melee bonus to defense rolls
-Survival +2


Crimson sword (4 or 6 Damage; extra abilities against demons, wraiths, hags, etc)
-Plain metal shield (+2 Defense)
-Scale mail (DR 3)
-3 throwing knives (3 Damage) - range 10 yards

17 yard rope
Weapon care kit
Page 69 - potion
Coins –
25 coins

9 XP

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Re: Character: Jasmine Landsend

Post  zappo168 on Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:53 pm

Couldn't edit my post, so...

Iris: Sister, that sword is a crimson blade. It is said to have been crafted by the Ancients themselves. Rumored to be unbreakable and needs no sharpening or maintenance, the crimson steel used to forge the blade is magickally conductive. The blade also has something etched into it, USTUS, which in the Ancient Tongue means 'Righteous', which means that this particular blade is blessed. Certain creatures are exceptionally vulnerable to blessed weapons. I believe these creatures to be minions of Hell.

GM: The Ustus Blade is a blessed and superior sword of crimson steel. Use one-handed, it deals 4 points of damage; used-two-handed, it deals 6 points of damage. Some monsters (particularly demons, hellhounds, rakshasas, succubi, and wraiths) are particularly vulnerable to blessed weapons. Crimson steel is extremely durable and requires almost no maintenance. Indeed, whatever crimson weapons and other artifacts have been discovered, they remain unblemished and free of rust or scratches.
            Although it is technically not a "magical item," crimson steel is magically conductive, making it extremely valuable to adventurers. When a character who possesses one or more magical advantages scores a critical hit with a crimson weapon, she/he has the option to forgo the extra “critical damage” in exchange for a spell effect. The spell must be one that the character can normally cast and must “target” the same foe as the original attack. Also, the character must still supply whatever costs (AP, XP, are normally associated with the spell.

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