Character: Thane Ogemish

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Character: Thane Ogemish

Post  Alpha Omega on Sun Mar 13, 2016 11:56 am


Name: Thane Ogemish
Player: Scott
Description: Thane stands about 8'5", weighs around 450 lbs. and is covered in numerous earth tribal tattoos. He wears long earth toned hooded robes that have both symbols of Sethlana and Mt. Kormoran.  
Max/Current HPs: 10
Max/Current APs: 10
Movement Speed: 4
Unspent XPs: 9


Half-Giant - One of the character’s parents was human, but the other was some kind of giant-kin. As such, the character’s bonus from the Strength advantage is increased to +3. Furthermore, she/he can wield two-handed human weapons with one hand and one-handed giant-kin weapons with two-hands. Unfortunately, any armor the character buys must be custom made and will cost 4x the listed price. As an added benefit, the character probably speaks the Jotun tongue as easily as the common language of the campaign.

Iron-blooded - Iron-blooded characters are resistant to magical effects. You gain a +2 bonus on any roll made to resist magical effects and can spend an AP to “break free” of any magical affect you are already under.

Strong - The character is physically powerful and can carry three “heavy” items without a penalty. Furthermore, you gain a +3 (Giant Strength Bonus) bonus on all strength-related rolls and deal an extra 3 points of damage with any melee weapon. (If the character dual-wields, the extra damage is split between weapons, as usual).

Magical Advantages

Earth Magic, Basic - The character understands how to use basic spells associated with earth magic. In its simplest form, this allows the character to shape heavy earth and stone into crude items, without the use of artisan tools. For example, the character could pick-up a rock and turn it into a primitive knife or a simple bowl. This type of magic can also be used conjunction with tools and mundane craftsmanship to create more sophisticated items, in which case the work can done in half the time. By suddenly shaping nearby earth or stone around an enemy, the character can even use these magicks to capture and crush enemies. Choose a target within 10 yards that is near a source of earth and stone (like the ground for example) and make an attack, using the character’s spellcraft bonus for the attack roll.  If the result equals or exceeds the target’s defenses, then she/he is held and cannot move. On her/his own turn, the enemy can try to break free, just as she/he would from a normal grapple (using the caster’s spellcraft in place of brawling). Until the enemy breaks free, the caster can use an action each round to automatically inflict 3 points of crushing damage.

Earth Magic: Rock Armor - The character can use magic to armor her/himself in a stony carapace. Creating the armor uses an action, but it remains until the character uses another action to remove it. The armor itself gives the character a DR of 4 against most attacks, being treated as either natural armor or worn armor (as best befits the situation).


Absent-Minded- The character is easily distracted and not very observant. You suffer a -2 penalty on all perception-related rolls and initiative rolls.


Intimidation (+2) - Use the intimidation skill to coerce someone with the use of menacing behavior, implied threats, or overbearing presence. Make a skill roll. If the result equals or exceeds the willpower of the victim, then they comply with your demands

Melee (+2) - Melee is used for up-close and personal combat. Add your melee skill when you attack with a melee weapon. You can also use this skill to repair or evaluate the quality of a melee weapon. You can add half of your melee skill, in place of the defense skill, when defending against attacks.

Spellcraft (+2) - Use the spellcraft skill to cast spells. You can also use it as a “lore” skill when dealing with questions about magic (e.g. to identify a spell when you see it cast, to know the details about a specific spell, or to recall the history of a specific magic item).

Defense (+2) - Use the defense skill to protect yourself from physical attacks.

Language - Common, Jotun

Resistance (Great Plague) - (+2)


Stone Javelin - 5 Damage
Large 2H Stone Javelin - 7 Damage
Petrified Staff w/ Stone Inlay (+1 Spellcraft)

Large Sack
- Torch
- Fishing Gear
- Waterskin
- Rope (17 Yards)
- Rations
- Crowbar
- Tinderbox
- Jar of curative unguent
- 3 coins worth of jerky and sausage
- Four days of meat rations for Bragundir and Thane
Belt Pouch
- Coin Purse (0 Coins)

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Re: Character: Thane Ogemish

Post  Alpha Omega on Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:35 pm

Character: Thane      Skills           Advantages
Max/Current HPs: 10/10Intimidation (+2)Strong(+3)
Max/Current APs: 10/10Melee (+2)Iron-Blooded(+2)
Movement Speed: 4Spellcraft (+2)Earth Magic: Basic
Unspent XPs: 6Defense (+2)Earth Magic: Rock Armor DR(4)

L. Stone Jav.(7) DMGStone Jav.(5) DMGPetrified Staff w/ Stone Inlay (+1)Spellcraft
* -2 penalty on all perception-related rolls and initiative rolls

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Asylum Arcanist

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