The Warped Chronology of Talth'Anin

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The Warped Chronology of Talth'Anin

Post  Swifthand on Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:35 am

  • Anin (The City At Paradise) was located in the Barren Lands. The Tower of Hydrology was located in this center of Aquamancer power.
  • Year c. -1700: 1,101 Generations Ago (approximately 2,160 years ago), the City of Anin was washed away by the Great Deluge, caused by Dramydas the Black's destruction of the Pyre Mound. Dramydas did this at the request of Rakad the Fourth, an ancestor of Mykondalar. The lizardmen were unaware of Anin's existence at this time, and it's subsequent destruction was an accident. We assume the Tower of Hydrology survived this calamity. (Mykondalar's Story)
  • Year c. -1700: For 100 Generations, Lexis of Anin lived with the Garkondrak. (Mykondalar's Story)
  • Year -1688: Moncorel 2nd, Year 312, Lexis of Anin gives the book as a gift to King Melfor. Moncorel 4th, Year 312, King Melfor I donates the book to the Aois-dàna, claiming it as a work of fiction. (The Aois-dàna book registry for the Legacy of House Thaeraes)
  • Year c. -1600: The Elven House Thaeraes begins to build the City of Talth'Anin. (The Legacy of House Thaeraes)
  • Year c. -1600 to c. 300: For 100 Generations, Lexus of Anin visits Talth'Anin looking for Aquamancers. (Mykondalar's Story)
  • Year c. 260: 11 Generations ago, a Garkondrak hunting party met a band of Aqueaus Templar. The lizard folk returned to their village to fetch Lexis, who was staying with them and teaching them the ways of Aquamancy. When Lexis went to meet her brethren, she found them dead, eaten by Chopper. The corpses were brought back to the village, and then Lexis departs, only taking 11 waterskins and a mirror taken from one of the dead. (Mykondalar's Story)
  • Year 262: Avan 1st, Year 2262, Lexus visits the Femdrell to read The Legacy of House Thaeraes, a book she allegedly wrote. (The Aois-dàna book registry for the Legacy of House Thaeraes)
  • Year 262: Avan 1st - Hamut 2nd, Year 2262, King Helfare I borrows and then returns The Legacy of House Thaeraes. He comments that some pages are missing. (The Aois-dàna book registry for the Legacy of House Thaeraes)
  • Year 446: Davin Fletcher is born in Talth'Anin. (Davin's Story)
  • Year 446: Queen Rhoswen of the Femdrell visits Talth'Anin on the eve of it's destruction. (King Halifax's Story)
  • Year 446: King Halifax receives a garbled message from King Pasor Thaeraes, delivered via Sending: 'Nobody that comes to Talth'Anin shall get out alive'. (King Halifax's Story, Davin's Story)
  • Year 446: Talth'Anin is attacked by unknown forces and then disappears, with Queen Rhoswen of the Femdrell and King Pasor Thaeraes of Talth'Anin. (King Halifax's Story, Davin's Story)
  • Year 446: Dwarven Terramancer's plan an attack on Talth'Anin and go there. When they arrive they find the city and nexus gone, however, elemental ley lines still run through the area as if it still was there. (The Book of Stone)

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Re: The Warped Chronology of Talth'Anin

Post  macksgarageusa on Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:34 pm

Seems like the more we learn, the less we know!!!

Malazek wrote:Most of the minstrels know rumors of The Fall of Talth'Anin, but none claim to know what actually happened. Some willingly share stories of events that occurred before the city vanished, but none are especially relevent to your purpose.

That is, except one ... "And there were those who used to say the Elves avoided the Siege of Unknow Advesaries by moving their beloved city out of the path of danger. Perhaps something went awry, but for whatever reason the emissary of this news was lost in world devoid of modernity; trapped forever in a primative land. There was a prophecy of sorts, I think; that detailed the circumstances of the Elves' eventual return. How did that go, again?"

"When, upon the altar, sits the Mirror of Ages,
And the Moon on high watches down upon the marsh tides,
Gaze into the distant eyes of the Elf King's Sages.
With secret words, call forth Talthanin from whence she hides."

"No, that wasn't it."


The Eladrin continue to weave other stories of Talth'Anin, but none reverberate in your worldy ears more than that one.
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