People, Places, and Things!

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People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:37 pm

In the spirit of Swifthand's "Plot Summary" Thread, I will endeavor to maintain this thread as a summary of all Geography, History, and NPCs as they surface in the game. This will keep the information handy and organized, for future use.

Chapter One wrote:Brackwater. Nestled between the Malbog and the Eldworn Forest, the old town sits right in the middle of the Wyver Woodland and serves as a waystation for those travelling along the Imperial March.

The Malbog is an ancient pete mire (just south of the town). It's brackish waters gave the town of Brackwater it's name. The Eldworn Forest is an ancient wood (just north of the town), filled with towering trees older than time itself. The Wyver Woodland is a narrow band of land (roughly 4 miles wide) that runs between the Malbog and the Eldworn Forest. The Imperial March is a stone highway that was constructed through the Wyver Woodland, as a means of traversing from the Coastal Ports (west) to the Imperial Center (east). Even further east, past the Imperial Center, lies the Bitten Peaks (mountains).

History buffs take note! The Wyver Woodland also marks the old border of Arkhosia and Bael Turath.

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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:38 pm


Brackwater (Imperial Settlement). Nestled between the Malbog and the Eldworn Forest, the old town sits right in the middle of the Wyver Woodland and serves as a waystation for those travelling along the Imperial March. Brackwater was built by the Empire after the annexation of the Western Coast.

The Wyver Woodland (Imperial Land). The Wyver Woodland is a narrow band of land, roughly 4 miles wide, that runs between the Malbog and the Eldworn Forest. The Imperial March (a stone highway constructed through the Wyver Woodland) connects the Coastal Ports (in the west) to the Imperial Center (in the east). The Wyver Woodland also marks the old border of Arkhosia and Bael Turath. The Imperial March was built after the annexation of the Western Coast.

The Malbog. The Malbog is an giant and ancient pete mire; it's brackish waters gave the town of Brackwater it's name. The Malbog is south of Barckwater, east of the Coastal Ports, and West of the Imperial Center. The Malbog has never been "officially" declared part of the Empire, though many citizens consider it as such.

The ruined cities of Anin and Talthanin sit together somewhere in the Malbog, and the exact same point where the Eladrin crossover from the Cairn ó Talth Talth in the Feywild. According to the folk of Garkondrak, the Malbog was once a dry and barren land, but it was flooded and turned into a swamp by Dramydas of the Pyry Mound. The fabled Tower of Hydrology may have stood at the center of Anin.

Straegis also heard the Malbog was a beautiful place during the Great War. That bit of information is inconsistant with the lizardmen's belief that it was a barren wasteland before it was flooded. He also heard the Malbog was infested with the undead spirits of long dead soldiers.

The ruins of Anin/Talthanin are several days west-southwest of Garkondrak. Whether Anin stood during the time of Arkhosia and Bael Turath is now uncertian; supposedly, Anin still stood in recent history, but the Elves of Talthanin (who particpated in the Great War) supposedly built their city upon the ruins of Anin.

Somewhere near Garkondrak lies a submerged quarry.

Just a few hours from Brackwater, just off the path to Garkondrak, the "Pool of Abomination" lies in the midst of some ruined outpost.

The Eldworn (Imperial Reservation). The Eldworn Forest is an ancient wood, filled with towering trees older than time itself. It is the home of many Elves, including those of the Femdrell. The Elves have special status within the Empire; they are neither above nor beneath it.

The Imperial Center. (Imperial Heartland) Many miles east of Brackwater sits the Imperial Center, a heavily populated and somewhat urbanized area. Dead smack in the middle of the Imperial Center, the Imperial City serves as the Capital of the Empire. The Bitten Peaks stand to the east of the Imperial Center.

Before it became an expanding Empire, the Imperial Center was the "Confederacy of Allied States;" the capital city itself was then known as the "Great City of Etol." The name Etol has been all but dropped since expanding imperialism began (though it is still used as the root a common adjective: Etolic).

The Imperial City's 14 Districts wrote:Three Hills District. This is the city's central district, which sits nestled between it's three largest hills. Most of the city's aquaducts run toward this district; and most of the sewers run away from it. It is famed for its sheer number of Caldariums.

Three Swords District. This is district is home to the many palaces of the city's royalty.

Three Suns District. This is the flattest district, built upon the meadows that once sat between the areas hills. The district hosts many large villas, several stone monuments, and world's largest sundial.
-- The Imperial Library
-- Rainan's Rare Finds and Collectables
-- Modo's Watering Hole
-- The Hound's Tooth Inn

Three Moons District (also called the Crescent District). This district is the final destination for many pilgrims, because the enrmous Obelisk in the middle of the area holds great religious significance for the followers of Sehanine.

Three Bridges District. This districts takes its name from the many bridges that span the City's many rivers. It also sports some rather fancy stone reliefs, as well as the City's largest banks and largest open markets.

Three Griffon's District. Home to the City's largest arena, largest theatre, and largest ampitheatre.

Three Hounds District (also called the Golden Hounds District). This is where most of the City's craftsmen ply their trade and where most of the City's Guildhouses are located. It also hosts the City's fabled Gardens.
-- The Grindstone Inn

The Three Deers District. This district is dominated by a large drainage basin.

Three Pine's District. A huge fountain stands in the middle of the district, surrounded by seven magnificent spires. This district support most of the City's temples.

Three Dragons District (also called the Dragonshead District). This district is littered with ancient ruins, as well as the City's most splendid Architecture.

Three Fishes District. The gates of this ward are decorated by an angel holding a sword and a balance. The City's many fish markets are located in this district. It is also home to more demihumans than any other district.
-- The Beholder's Stein

Three Wheels District. Several monastaries are built along the massive Caern where the orginal inhabitants buried their dead.

Three Lion's District. This district's claim to fame are the seven original hill on which the city was built. It also sports the City's largest river, the City's main water supply, and a large number of military barracks.

Three Mountains District (also called the Star of Burho). The tombs of the former emporer's all rest in this district.

The Coastal Region (Imperial Colonies). West of Brackwater, the various Coastal Ports of the Empire occupy the Western Coast, plying their trade throughout the Western Sea. Before Imperial expansion, the Coastal Region consisted of many smaller states; they were annexed almost 300 years ago.

The City of Umar (The Tower Under the Waves) was located a few miles off the southern end of the western coast, in the western sea (but near the waters of the southern sea). The city was abandoned when those who lived lost their ability to use Aquamancy.

The Island States (Imperial Colonies). Cluttering the Western Sea are dozens of islands, occupied by citizens of the Empire. Before Imperial expansion, the islands consisted of many independent city-states; the first islands were annexed almost 300 years ago, the most recent less than 10 years ago.

The Northern Expanse (Imperial Colony). One of the Empire's more recent annexations, until recently the area was known as the Ritland. The Ritland was conquered and subjegated just over 20 years ago, though the area was officially declared part of the Empire over 200 years ago (political turmoil in the Imperial Center allowed the Ritters to ignore Imperial Authority for almost two centuries).

The Eastern Peninsula (Imperial Colony). Just over the mountains, the Great Peninsula is the Empire's most recent acquisition, conquered and subjegated only a 8 years ago. The Empire tried for many years to conquer the area, but had little success; but on the most recent campaign, the people practically begged to become citizens.


The Bitten Peaks. Towering spires of stone, these magestic mountains mark the eastern border of the Empire, stretching from the sea (to the south) all the way to the northern end of the Empire. The Bitten Peaks are home to many Dwarves.

The Cave Temple sits at the southern end of the Bitten Peaks, and the southeastern corner of the Malbog (right where the mountains and the sea meet).

The South Sea. The southern sea lies many miles south of the Malbog. The Salt Flats separate the Sea from the Malbog. Presumably, the Pyry Mound is somewhere in this area.

Imil. Imil is the name of a city (and the surrounding region) in the far north where the days are long. The entire city has been magically sculpted from ice. The people use the many rivers in and around the city for transportation. Imil is the last known home of the ancient tribe of water mages, also known as Waterbenders or Aquamancers. There used to be many tribes of Waterbenders, long ago, spread out to various places of the world (such as the lost City of Anin, and the abandoned City of Umar). A huge host tower stands in the middle of Imil.

Waterbender Strongholds wrote:Imil (The City of Ice)
Located in the Far North.
& the Host Tower
*No Map Provided*

Umar. (The City on the Waves)
Located on the Western Sea.
& The Tower Under the Waves
*Map on Page 231*

Anin. (The City at Paradise)
Located in the Barren Lands.
& The Tower of Hydrology
*Map on Page 205*

Jaru. (The City in the Mists)
Located on the South Shore.
& The Spire of Light
*Map on Page 219*

Enid. (The City above the Clouds)
Location Variable.
& The Well of Storms
*Map on Page 208*

Osul. (The City to the East)
Located in the far East.
Little is known of Osul.
*Map on Page 227*


Ley Nexi wrote:The Wise Stone (Stone)
The Cave Temple (Stone)*
The Seven Hills of Etol (Stone)
The Pyry Mound (Fire)*
The Colussus of Arkhosia (Dragonfire)
The Citadel of Bael Turath (Hellfire)
The Tower of Hydrology (Water)*
The Host Tower of Imil (Ice/Water)
The Tower Under the Waves (Water)
The Femdrell (Air)*
The Pass of Shadows (Air)
The Wyver Oak (Air)*

More to Come ...
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:42 pm

Patch asked me to provide an Imperial Calender, so I dug through some boxes and found an ancient Etolic Calender for ya. Going by this, the campaign would have started on the 17th of Korr, in the year 476. It has been 31days since.

The campaign started on the 17th of Korr, in the year 476.
That night, party members slept at the Stewbowl and at Jonas Coopers.

On the 18th, they slept in the Straw Dome in the Malbog.

On the 19th, they slept at Agatha's place.

On the 20th and 21st, they slept in the Garkondrak.

On the 22nd, the slept at the Greene family farm.

On the 23rd, they were back at the Garkondrak.

On the 24th, Vangg left in search of Juugug.
The party portalled to the Imperial City & slept at the Hound's Tooth Inn.

On the 25th, they slept in the Baracks.

On the 26th, they portalled to Jaru & stayed 3 nights there.

They left Jaru on the morning of Melor the 1st.
They were reunited with Vangg and Juugug ...
... anf they reached the Cave temple that same day.

On the 1st, in a narrow tunnel, between the Mörkvatten and a couple of spiked pits.

On the 2nd, they crossed the Mörkvatten River.
That day, they defeated the riddle doors & captured Snorri.
They spent that night at the top of a half-mile staircase.

On the 3rd, they travelled in-cognito.
During their journey, the visited an underdark Bazaar.
That night, they slept in a dead-end hallway.
Taalgarnuk caught up with them while they slept.

On the 4th, they encountered the EoG and Bloodshot Eye. And a Dragon.
And slept in the Tombed Halls of Rex Qalibar.

On the 5th, they slept near "Ghobling" territory.

On the 6th, they spet in Gujoy's hovel.

On the 7th, they slept along the side of the Ghobling Road.
Some had to sleep on the hearse, for space was limited.

On the 8th, they reached the crossroads and passed the Lower Gate.
That night, the slept in the along the abandoned undergound highway.

On the 9th and 10th, they slept in abandoned towers (along the Underdark battlefield).

On the 11th, they slept in the narrow hall behind Sallowmane's room.

On the 12th, they slept in the Exodus room above the Heroes' Vortex.

On the 13th, they slept in the new barracks at the Heroes' Vortex.

On the 14th, they visited Jaru and Harley's, and reached the Wartorn Imperial City.
They spent the nights of the 14th, 15th, and 16th crafting items.

On the 17th, Alex's courier started off toward Jaru to deliver a package to Katrina.
On that same day, the heroes were given official titles by the Emperor.
Imperial ships sailed down the River Sazarus on a 7 day journey toward the Cave Temple.
Finally, the party reached the Femdrell.

On the 17th, the spent the night copying rituals in the Femdrell.

On the 18th, they also crossed over to the Feywild, travelled to the city, and copied ritual with the Ghaele.
They lost track of time, but the process seemed to have taken more than a day?

On the 19th, the spent the night partying with the Eladrin Queen and her court.

It is now Melor the 20th, in the year 476.

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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:42 pm

Still not quite to scale, but much closer than the last version.

Nikhumba's Map ...

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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:48 pm

MASTER NPC LIST (Chapters 1-3)
(In Approximate Order of Appearance)

Tomas. The friendly inkeeper of The Strewbowl, and a semi-frequent business associate of Kardan.

Tomy. Tomy is the teenaged nephew of Tomas. He seems to have been named after his uncle (Tomy is short for Tomas). Lyda is his sister.

Lyda. Lyda is the young niece of Tomas. Agatha speculated that Lyda is the one who passed Vangg the note and suggested that she can see through basic illusions (a notion that is somewhat supported by the child-like syntax of the note). Tomy is her brother.

The Wife of Tomas. A elderly woman appeared briefly from the backroom of the Stewbowl. Her stew is famous.

Agatha. The old woman who originally hired the party to retrieve her possessions. She later confessed to be a hag. Agatha fell in love with a prince, who eventually scorned her; but the experience changed her. She was determined to lead a good life, everafter. Her sisters eventually attacked and robbed her for it.
Agatha tells her story ... wrote:"Ah'm 'appy ye good folks be willin' to do bus'ness wit a 'ag, many folks would no' ... not that ah blame 'em. My kin's done terrible things ta people. So, now that da cats outta da bag, so ta speak, I'm aguessin' I cin share my story, too."

"My fatha' was as evil as dey come, an' 'e raised me an' my sista's to be as nasty an' cruel as evah a 'ag was ... an' truly, we was bad, even as 'ags go. Lurin' inn'cents ta their deaths, eatin' babes, an' what not."

"We was each bi'thed ta diff'rent mortal motha's, an' taught diff'rent 'ag arts."

"Babs, my eldest sista, truly mas'ered the practice o' shiftin' an' was also learnt da nec'r'man'ic arts ... Morgan, da secon' eldest, b'came mistress o' da night, an' haunts men in der dreams .... an' Mika, my younga' sista, never could learn da shiftin' arts, so she learnt to wear the skins o 'maidens; but dis trick 'llows her to 'sume guises dat only Babs cin mas'er."

"In old days, we did awful things, me included ... but 'ventually, ah fell in love wit' a charmin' prince, an' 'e loved me back ... 'til he foun' out what ah was. Den he spurned me. An' I don' blame 'im. But ah realized dat if'n ah evah wanna love again, I 'ad ta change my ways."

"Well, my olda sista's would 'ave no part of it, an' wanted to tear my flesh from da bones ... but my younga sista 'vited me to come stay wit' 'er in da Malbog. So, we fled an' built a cabin in da swamp."

"But Mika 'ave no more love fer me than 'ags evah do. She told Babs an' Morgan where ah was, an' they came ta kill me. They tore at my flesh an' soul, 'til ah stepped thru the fey realm ta git away (none o' my sista's know dat magik)."

"Later, ah pleaded wit' Mika to let me 'ave my treasures, but she wan'ed 'em fer 'erself. Dats when ah realized she betrayed me. An' now ah wan' my veng'ance, even if'n dat means lettin' y'all 'ave my treasures, instead of dat foul 'ag."

Agatha's Father. The evil sire of four hags; each by a different mortal mother. Raised his daughters on the flesh of babes, and taught them to be cruel and callous.

Babs. Agatha's eldest sister; a necromancer.

Morgan. Agatha's next older sister; mistress of the night and of dreams.

Mika (Dead). Agatha's youngest sister, who wore the skins of maidens. Before the party dispatched her, she had kidnapped poor Kalee and planned to wear her.

Imperial Soldiers. Two friendly soldiers occupied the common room of Stewbowl when the party first arrived. They told Agatha they couldn't take her mission because they weren't allowed to deviate from their Imperial Duty. Later, it seemed they were with the Shady Lt. Colonel as the three of them boarded a wagon, and drove along the Imperial March just as the party was heading into the Malbog.

Lt. Colonel Darnell Velius. "The Shady Lt. Colonel." The Lt. Colonel became visibly upset when Vangg asked him about "passing notes" and reached for his dagger (he also seemed to think momentarily that Vangg was somebody else). Davin noticed he carried and scroll case and bore the Imperial Insignia of Lt. Colonel. Vangg and Alex later saw him getting into the wagon with the pair of Imperial Soldiers that were in the Stewbowl (a notably low number of soldiers to accompany such a highly ranked officer).

The Lt. Colonel was then at the barracks of Lord General Draxus Ferall in the Three-Lions District of the Imperial City! The Lord-General verifies that Velius is the courier that carried their previous correspondences to Brackwater (where they were presumably given to an Eladrin courier)."

Burly Smithy. A burly smith refused to let Vangg sleep in his home when Vangg mentioned hags were after him.

Scoffer. A man doubted Kardan's ability to carry so-many buckets of water, and scoffed when Kardan proved him wrong.

Jonas Cooper. The nice cooper who took-in Vangg and Alex for the night. He presumably sold Kardan eight buckets at some point in the past.

Gretta Cooper. The wife of Jonas.

Blearied-Eyed Farmer. An early riser who grunted his breakfast order at Tomas in the Stewbowl.

A Pair of Dwarven Women. Frequent patrons of the Strewbowl, seen eating there on more than one occassion.

Jack Larossa (Dead) Aka. Jack the Red; Aka. Thrushdar. An adventurer for hire. Agatha hired him as part of the original crew. He was killed by humming bulb to the head. His body was left floating in the bog, but Vangg took his sword and returned it to his brother and his brother's wife (Joe and Tiph). Jack's apples were later used to get the strangers' horses out of the swamp.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:49 pm

Strangers in the Swamp. Three strangers stuck in the swamp were besieged by Lizardfolk. The party fended off the bog raiders, and helped the strangers get unstuck. One of the Strangers was the kid with the bow.

The Kid with the Bow. One of the strangers in the swamp was a child with a gift for shooting a bow. Accidentally killed Jack the Red. Later discovered to be Reed Canfield (see below).

Bog Raiders. The first group of lizardfolk the party encountered attacked them and the strangers on their way through the swamp. Davin took their Marsh Mystic's hunting horn as a trophy, and it has since come in handy.

Murder. Crows. Seemingly under Mika's control, a murder of crows attacked the party in the swamp, at the straw dome. They seemed to be working in conjunction with the trolls. The crows reappeared at the cabin, and battled the party again.

Swamp Trolls. A large ugly swamp troll, seemingly working for Mika, attacked the party at the straw dome, alongside the crows. More trolls attacked the party at the cabin, alongside Mika and more crows.

WoeGhar Diijungghar. Breifly mentioned by Vangg as his former father.

Rinh the Ogre. (MIA) Breifly mentioned by Vangg as his adopted father and mentor. Rinh was presumably killed in the Cave Temple Massacre.

Straegis I. Father of Straegis II, Lord-Marshal Straegis is leader of the Eladrin Armies. He ordered his son to carry a decoy scroll, to mislead anyone that might try to intercept the real scroll (see plot points).

Mr. Fletcher. (Dead) A woodsman who raised Davin as his own, and eventually passed away in the night.

Chopper. (Dead) Chopper was said to gather other gators in packs, and lead them against unwary travellers, and even hunted the edges of the Wyver Woodland ... Chopper was slain (and eaten) about 10 years ago, but the town's residents have long speculated that he might have had offspring.

Chopper Jr. (Dead) The offspring of Chopper, who attacked the party in the swamp and carried off Agatha's horse. In the clear pool Chopper Jr used as a lair, the party found the remains of an Aqueas Templar. It was uncertian whether his pool remained clear because of magic, acidity, or tiny fish.

Crocogators. Chopper Jr's hungry pack.

Aqueas Templar. (MIA) An organization that was once sworn to protect the Waterbenders even unto death! The Aqueas Templar have been M.I.A. since the days of yore (or atleast, for several generations). Since Aquamancy was such an important (not to mention glorious and honorable) aspect of their culuture, several orders of shieldmen were formed to protect their magic-using kinsmen. Of all these so-called shield-societies, the Aqueas Templar were the most famous and most esteemed; akin to knights in more land-oriented societies. Their possible demise is unknown to you, as they dissappeared the same time as the water tribe did.

NOTE: The words "Aqueas Templar" also refer to the CREST associated with a organization of the same name. Alex had one, and gave it to Verity; Katrina has another..

Juugug. Aka. Juguug, Jugugg, Juggug, Joogug, Vangg's Goblin brother from the cave temple, and Verity's original mentor. As Verity's year of service came to a close, Juugug pawned him off on Vangg. He suspected Mika was behind the sacking of the Cave Temple, and after her death was last seen heading in that direction. Juugug was preportedly "a difficult taskmaster."

Zephyr. Verity's mighty steed.

Kalee Greene. A young woman that was captured by Mika while doing her family's laundry, and would have eventually have been killed and worn by the hag if not for the party's rescue. She was particuliarly fond of Davin, and fairly good at wrapping arrows with cloths for fire.

Tulgaarnuk. (MIA) A kobold priest of the Raven Queen, trained by Rinh at the Cave Temple. His holy symbol was found in the treasures at the hag's cabin (implying his demise).

The Velatin Vanguard (formerly The Iniquitous Impalers). They were the forward formation of expanding Eladrin Imperialism, led by none other than Velatine the Iniquitous. During the Thousand Years War, Velatine busted through the Arkosian and Bael-Turan front lines, and marched all the way to Fendrell of the Eldworn, where he forged an alliance with the elves there. The Velatin Vangaurd have since changed their name, in honor of their legendary founder; but they are also a mere honor guard, now, and have not seen battle in hundreds of years. Straegis now carries one of their ancient blades.

Marshal Straegis II is now in command of this company.

Velatine the Iniquitous (Historic) The historic leader of the The Iniquitous Impalers.

The Garkondrak. "The Home of the Dragon / The Children of Ekanarad." A tribe of lizardfolk that the party befriended while travelling through the Malbog, on their journey home. Mykondalar, the marsh mystic there, is also a water-bender! The village was apparently the home to an Aquamancer named Lexis of Anin for a hundreds generations.

Mykondalar. The water-bending Marsh Mystic of the Garkondrak. He wore an amulet much like the one Alex found in the clear pool (but with the image of a bear standing in a vortex). His spell book sported the faded images of the Ondine and the Undine - a pair that once stood as the symbol for the Tower of Hydrology (that is, before it's mysterious dissappearance ages ago. Imil scholars have long speculated that the tower stood in the center of the fabled city of Anin; but like the tower itself, Anin's exact location has remained a mystery for centuries. Many common Imilites believe that Anin's location was in a desert; but the scholars discreditted the notion. Some even hoped Alex would find it on his journey to the Malbog). Mykondalar has a fondness for beef.
Mykondalar's Tale ... wrote:"Eleventy-one generations ago, my forefather's lived in a swamp south of here. North of us was a great barren land, kept dry by the dragon gods, as a punishment for the sins of Ekanarad (a medicine man from our ancient past; the ancestor of all lizardfolk, who caused the split between our kind and the Dragonborn).

But eleventy-one generations ago, my ancestor Rakad IV travelled to the Pyry Mound, and convinced Dramydas the Black (one of the dragon gods) to forgive the people, and give us back the barren lands. Dramydas destroyed the Pyry Mound, allowing the sea to flood into the Barren Lands. And after that, the Lizardfolk moved north, and occupied the Bountiful Bog.

But little did we know, the Humans had built a new city in the Barren Lands; a city known as Anin. The flood destroyed the city and most of the pople who lived there. It was a tragedy; a great accident.

But some few survived. One survivor, a woman named Lexis, was a water-bender. She was young and innocent when we found her wandering the bog. After that, she lived with us for a hundred generations, teaching the art of aquamancy to a select few.

During that time, the Elves built a new city on the ruins of Anin, and called it Talth'Anin in honor of the much older city. Many times, Lexis visitted Talth'Anin, in hope of finding more Water-benders. But they never came.

Then, one fateful day, eleven generations ago, a hunting party encountered a band Aqueus Templars, led my a lone Aquamancer. They rushed back to find Lexis, and led her to the camp of her brethren. When they arrived, however, the camp was destroyed, and her kinsmen missing. Our trackers knew from the signs that they had been killed by Chopper (a giant crocodile who once prowled these swamps). They followed the tracks anyway, but found only corpses.

The hunting party brought the remnants of the campsite back to the village, and over the course of many years, Lexis studied the relics. Then, suddenly, when I was just a hatchling, she left us. She took only her personal possessions, and one small trinket from the reliquary: a tiny mirror.

Though she never returned, my family has preserved the art; an art which has earned us great respect among our tribesmen. Some have demanded more loyalty than even the chieftan.

But here, let us share our knowledge. Allow me to copy some of your rituals, and you and your friends can copy as many of mine as you have time for."

Ekanarad. (Historic) A historic medicine man from the Garkondrak's ancient past; the ancestor of all lizardfolk, who caused the split between their kind and that of the Dragonborn.

Rakad IV. (Historic) Mykondalar's ancestor who travelled to the Pyry Mound, and convinced Dramydas the Black (one of the dragon gods) to forgive the people, and give us back the barren lands. Dramydas destroyed the Pyry Mound, allowing the sea to flood into the Barren Lands. And after that, the Lizardfolk moved north, and occupied the Bountiful Bog.

Dramydas. (Historic) The dragon god who lived in the Pyry Mound, and flooded the barren lands to create the Malbog. This event supposedly destroyed the great city of Anin, but when exactly this happened has become a mystery.

Lexis of Anin. (Historic/MIA) An aquamancer who survived the deluge of Anin, and lived with the Garkondrak for a hundred generations, teaching them the art of water-bending. She is said to have visitted Talthanin many times after the elves moved there. After many years of examaning the remains of an Aquamancer and several Aqueas Templars that were killed by Chopper, Lexis left the Garkondrak (this was back when Mykondalar was but a hatchling). The only relic she took with her was a tiny mirror (but she also carried 11 waterskins); the rest are still in the possession of the Garkondrak. Lexis had power that was said to rival that of the dragon gods. According to Mykondalar, Alex resembles Lexis.

Later, it was revealed by High Scholar Iasaac that Lexis was originally from Imil, and was in fact Alex's ancestor.

Kradag. A hunter from Garkondrak that befriended Davin, and helped bring down the Bog Hydra. He also speaks the Common Tongue.

The Bog Hydra. (Dead) A terrifying, multi-headed monster that was slain by Davin Fletcher and Kradag with the help of the Garkondrak hunters.

Wyrana. An elderly healer from Garkondrak that gaves Verity a magical mask after he cured her illness. Wyrana is also Kradag's aunt.

The Huntress. The unamed Garkondrak huntress who introduced Verity to Wyrana. Possibly Kradag's cousin or sister.

The Bruiser. The enormous lizardman Kardan defeated in mock battle.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:49 pm

Master Jenna. One of several Masters of the host tower in Imil, Jenna is the youngest and most powerful (many of the other Masters are reclusive and withdrawn, worried that their power will fade). After receiving Alex's animal messenger, Jenna came to the Malbog with three High Scholars and four Host Guards (including Garret). She gave Alex a promotion and a gift, and dismissed him so he could travel to the Imperial Center. Jenna was also attacked by Alex's mysterious amulet when she tried to touch it. Jenna has dark blue eyes.

Yon Greene. Kalee's thankful single father. He is apparently very popular in town.

Yonnie Greene. One of Kalee's brothers; the eldest.

Kalvin Greene. One of Kalee's brothers.

Yavin Greene. One of Kalee's brothers.

Yosef Greene. One of Kalee's brothers; the youngest.

The Neighbors. Yon's generous neighbors were very impressed with the young heroes.

Wayne Wright. The Wainwright. He fixed the party's wagon, let them hide out in his backroom, and held on to Kardan's money at Davin's request.

Dolph. The semi-retarded nephew of the general store's proprietor.

The Proprietor of the General Store. One of Yon's neighbors, and a big fan of the party in general.

Joe Larossa. Brother of Jack the Red.

Tiph Larossa. Wife of Joe Larossa.

Genuit Servinus. Verity's father.

Fidelity Servinus. Verity's mother.

Felicity Servinus. Verity's sister.

Chastity Servinus. Verity's sister.

Corporal Frater Servinus/Lieutentant. Verity's brother. Left with Uncle Veridic and Fortis toward the Imperial Core so they could join the Imperial Army before conscription begins. After joining the Imperial Army, Frater was promoted to Corporal and began an internship at Land Force Command (he also seems to be the HG's personal attendant).

Constance Servinus. Verity's sister.

Corporal/Lieutentant Fortis Servinus. Verity's brother. Left with Uncle Veridic and Fortis toward the Imperial Core so they could join the Imperial Army before conscription begins. After joining the Imperial Army, Fortis was promoted to Corporal and became part of the Cavalry.

Infidus Servinus. Verity's kid brother. Likes to play in the creek.

Uncle Veridic. Verity's Uncle. Left with Frater and Fortis toward the Imperial Core so they could join the Imperial Army before conscription begins. Uncle Veridic was later seen guarding the barracks of Lord General Draxus Ferall, in the Three-Lions District of the Imperial City.

Candor Servinus. Verity's baby brother.

The Maor. Specialized Eladrin troops used for advanced recon, search & rescue, and seek & destroy missions. There are 14 maor in a squad. The White Wind, the Silver Shaodw, and the Black Sqaull are Maor Squads.

Two other Eladrin (brother and sister) spoke with Mordax as Modo's Watering Hole. They later proved to be members of the Silver Shadow.

Also, the tall slender man in a weathered cloak who spotted Davin as he went to case the Beholder's Stein may or may not have been a Maor.

Four Eladrin appeared in the streets alongside the Dwarves who attacked the party. Among them, Alverdine and Nissa of the Silver Shadow, as well as Maberon of the Silent Grove and another member of the Black Squall.

The White Wind. A specific squad of Maor. Two of these guys followed Davin and Straegis through the streets of Brackwater. The party fought one of them, and though victorious, it was a hard earned fight.

Jerdayis. A Maor of the White Wind who fought the party in the streets of Brackwater. His number one priority seemed to be slowing the party down so his brethren could get to them. Davin took his cloak.

The Hedgemage. A hedgemage who set up shop on the south end of Brackwater so he'd be close to the bog. His brother has a similiar shop on the north end of Brackwater, so he'd be close to the Eldworn.

A Lone Dwarven Miner. Asleep with his face down in a bowl of soup at the Stewbowl. It was later speculated that he might've been the dwaren spy the Lt. Colonel originally mistook Vangg for; it was also speculated that he might've been the person that identified Vangg, and sent word ahead to the Imperial City; thus triggering the Dwarves there to examine wagons coming through the gates (the party's wagon was examined by group of Dwarves, including the Mjolnir of the Wise Stone and the Dwarven Bolter who was wearing the Eyepatch of Hemingr).

Nearest Town Guard. Was told by Verity that the Maor were brigands, and then indicated he would go after them.

Captain Bickers. The Imperial Officer who keeps trying to enlist Mordax, and claims to report directly to "The General."

More Imperial Soldiers. A company (75-200) of soldiers escort Captain Bickers around the countryside (they were NOT all standing on Mordax's porch at once; only a handful were).
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:50 pm

Young Black Dragon. A young black dragon, hiding in the Malbog, was attacked by the party at Mordax's fishing hole, somewhere between Brackwater and the Garkondrak.

Regig, the Lizard King. (Historic) In the days of Arkhosia, the Lizard King united many of the Malbog’s tribes to serve as guerilla troops under the banner of their draconic cousins. In the end, however, the guerilla troops turned on their Arkhosian oppressors, and have been credited by some as “instrumental” in the fall of the ancient empire.

Ator. (Historic) Ator was the commander of a group of bandits and raiders known as "the Scourge of the Malbog." They once roamed the bog, preying on farmers and fishermen.

Gangor. (Historic) One of Ator's many personal steeds.

Marjack. (Historic) Marjack was a local hero who was known for slaying giants (in one tale, he slew seven at once). The mansion he built with treasures stolen from the giants still stands in Brackwater.

Viktor. The waterbender seeker assigned to the Imperial Center.

High Scholar Nicholas. Nicholas is an esteemed and high ranking sage from Imil who has no waterbending ability. He was once a skilled aquamancer, but his power has faded so much in recent years that he can no longer perform even the most basic cantrips.

High Scholar Iassac. The most esteemed and highest ranking sage of Imil, Iassac was born without the gift for waterbending. Waterbending was his fmilies legacy, and he was the first member of his family ever born without it.

High Scholar Darrick. Darrick is an esteemed and high ranking sage from Imil who has no waterbending ability. Though born without the gift, he is capable of using ordinary magicks.

Garret. Garret is the commander of Jenna's personal bodyguard. He possesses considerable waterbending talent, but focused his training on melee applications of the magick.

The Host Guard. The Host Guard are ordinary Marines trained to defend the Masters of the Host Tower. A rare few possess the gift of waterbending, but most are ordinary soldiers. They are one of the many shield-bearing orders that were modelled after then Aqueas Templar.

Jaime. Alex's younger brother, born without the gift of waterbending.

Mai. Garret's girlfriend.

Alex's Mom & Dad. Mentioned briefly.

'Trina. Aka. Katrina. Another waterbender seeker, whom Alex found attractive.

Xis. Alex's great great great great grandfather, and the son of Lexis.

The Oracle of Imil. A seer from the City of Imil. A waterbending cleric/warlock with great power.

Anonymous Arkhosian Trumpeteer. (Historic) The author of the poetry Straegis II bought in Brackwater.

Io. (Deity) One of the dragon gods. Still worshipped by scalykind.

Tiamat. (Deity) "The Ummu-Hubur." One of the dragon gods. Still worshipped by scalykind.

Bahamut. (Deity) "The Platinum One." One of the dragon gods. Still worshipped by scalykind.

Thallase. (Historic) The salt water sea. Half of Tiamat after she split into two.

Apsu. (Historic) The fresh water sea.

Anonymous Arkhosian Commander. (Historic) The commander of the same 500 Arkhosian troops the Trumpeteer was assigned to. Apparently killed by a Tiefling Commander.

Anonymous Tiefling Commander. (Historic) A commander from bael Turath who was written about in the Trumpeteer's final poem. He apparently killed the Trumpeteer's Commander (and maybe the Trumpeteer, as well).

Rainan. The tall, slender, elderly proprietor of Rainan's Rare Find & Collectibles.

Mjolfnir of the Wise Stone A Rockbender. He was accompanied by another Dwarf with shining arms and armor. See Also: Twelve Dwarves, below.

Dwarf with shining arms and armor. Such a Dwarf accompanied Mjolfnir of the Wise Stone. See Also: Twelve Dwarves, below.

Other Dwarves. Two dwarves with hammers and two more with crossbows questioned Davin, Straegis, and Mordax about Vangg's whereabouts. One of the bolters had an eyepatch; both hammerers had "dead eyes." See Also: Twelve Dwarves, below.

Uitel. An old sculpter who sells wood sculptures to Rainen.

The Barkeep at Modo's. The Barkeep at Modo's asked Mordax what he was going order.

Two Dragonborn and a Human. Inside Modo's at the closest table, sat two armored Dragonborn and an armored human. They looked like they've seen combat rather recently. The human referred to one of the Dragonborn as "Arcon."

A Local Gang. Inside Modo's at the farthest table, were three humans. They are all wearing the symbol of Torog (the evil god of the Underdark, and the patron of jailors and torturers). Mordax is guessed they were some kind of gang, and probably the ones who heckled him.

An Old Man with a Wet Beard. Inside Modo's at the end of the bar, sat old man in brown tattered robes occupies the far stool; his bedraggled gray beard was wet because the ends of it were lazily swimming in his beer.

Two Eladrin (One Male, One Female). An Eladrin brother and sister team conversed with Mordax at Modo's Watering Hole. They might not have been Maor (but judging by their manner of dress and content of speech, they very well could have been). They later proved to be members of the Silver Shadow.

Stableboy. The Stableboy at the Hound's Tooth gladly accepted payment from Davin, in exchange for the promise to alert the party if anything out of the ordinary happened.

Fellow in a Weathered Cloak. When Davin went out to case the Beholder's Stein, a tall slender fellow in a weather cloak saluted him. This man looked to be either an Elf or an Eladrin, but may or may not have been a Maor.

Twelve Dwarves. Twelve Dwarves arrived in the middle of the night, looking to kill the party in their sleep. This group included Mjolfnir of the Wise Stone and the Dwarf with shining arms and armor, as well as another Rockbender. It also included the other Dwarves who were looking for Vangg in the alley (two dwarves with hammers and two more with crossbows questioned Davin, Straegis, and Mordax about Vangg's whereabouts. One of the bolters had an eyepatch; both hammerers had "dead eyes."). The four from the alley retreated to The Grindstone Inn, afterwards.

Several of these same Dwarves attacked the party in the streets that very same morning.
Twelve Dwarves Huddled ... wrote:Several of them whisper in a tight huddle, but Davin eavesdrops with ease ...
"Let's just crush the whole building."
"No, we need to find out if they're in there."
"Because if we don't, they'll know were onto them."
"Let's just run in and find out."
"No. The Aquamancer is too powerful. He activated a portal."
"How about this. I will go in and look around. If they're there, I'll come get you."
That guy goes in. A few minutes later, he comes back out.
"They're not here!"

The Guards at the Gate. At the gate seperating the Three Fishes District from Three Hounds District, the guards saw Davin, but paid no attention to him.

Woman Behind the Counter. There was a woman taking breakfast order from behind the counter at The Hound's Tooth Inn.

Two Cooks. Two cooks were working the kitchen during the breakfast shift at The Hound's Tooth Inn. One tried to kick "Hound" when he was begging.

Hound. A stray dog that was befriended by Davin.

The Silver Shadow. Another specific squad of Maor. Members include Alverdine and Nissa, among others.

Alverdine and Nissa. Members of the Silver Shadow (Maor). Alverdine is a decorated war hero who served in Eladrin army for two centuries; that last of which was with the Maor. Nissa, on the other hand, is relatively young; she is barely 40 years old.

Maberon of the Silent Grove. A Maor who once served the north during the Winter of Tears (note: The Eladrin in the north are not part of the same nation as those in the south; but they are closely allied, and individual Eladrin often float between both nations).

Captain Hawkes of the City Guard. After the city guard chased the party through the streets of the Imperial City, a group led by this captain barricaded the way to the Three Lions district.

General Draxus Ferall. A General who served with Mordax during the Winter of Tears. A nobleman (Earl) by birth, he joined the Imperial Army with the birthright to lead; but unlike many noblemen in his position, he has NOT sat back and callously sent innocent people to their deaths. Rather, he has fought on the front lines, time and time again, through out the Empire's recent boughts of expansion. His most important campaigns were those fought in the Ritlands, and especially during the Winter of Tears ... a war that is noteworthy because of it's confusion and complexity. At many times, the lines between friend and foe were blurred or ambigious; and at others, the Empire's mismanagement of the war was downright goofy. Many of the soldiers who returned from that war came home with worldviews much different than those they left with (much like your friend Mordax). Ultimately, a handful of "heroes" were responsible for the Empire's success in that region; and the Lord-General was the "Lord of the March" during the operation.

Bluto Rexus. The body guard of Lord-General Draxus Ferall wears red plate armor.

Aodhan Blas. "The Devil of the Hidden Fells." Aodhan Blas single-handedly wiped out ALL of the Orcish Severed Ear Tribe! People say he is a bloodthirsty terror who raosted and ATE a bunch of baby Goblins, just to strike fear into the hearts of Greenskins everywhere! He is also the ONLY Pyromancer known to the sages of Imil. Supposedly, the Firebender Bloodline was wiped out during the fall of Bael Turath (as in, systematically eliminated by the combined forces of Air-benders and Rock-benders; because of their evil destructive predisposition). If the rumors are to believed, Aodhan Blas has mastered two know forms of fire-magick, as well as another unknown form (most "benders" only ever learn one form of element magick).

Princess Rhyannon of the Femdrell. As a child she tagged along with her mother (the Queen) as they visitted the Eladrin royal court. Now, her unique beauty is unmistakable. Over the years, she has developed a reputation as a peaceful diplomat, and is referred to by the Elves as "the Maiden Princess."

Raed Jancalis. The Eladrin hero that was supposed to carry the real scroll; but now has the decoy because Straegis took the real one. Alverdine of the Silver Shadow vouches for his loyalty, and implied that Raed was capable of defeating the entire White Wind squad.

Imperial Wagoneer and Imperial Sharpshooter. Two spcialized soldiers are responsible for driving Draxus Ferall's wagon.

Elven Teamsters. Two elves are responsible for driving Princess Rhyannon's chariot.

The High General. Nobody knows the High-General's real name, and nobody has ever seen his face. He was appointed to his position by the Emperor only 12 years ago (after Ritland was fully conquered; but he was in charge when the last of the Island States and the Eastern Peninsula were finally subjugated). During the battle in the training grounds, the High-General was killed; he as also revealed to be Emperor Sazar IX.

Prince Helfare II. Rhyannon's little brother. A rugged outdoorsman, despite his noble birth.

The Lord Generals.
The Lord-General Draxus Ferall
LADY-General Arietess [Dead]
Lord-General "Bull" Aldebaran (Dalí Mustache)
Lord-General Kaster Pollux (Bushy Eyebrows)
Lord-General Karkinos (Lambchop Sideburns)
Lord-General Leonard Regulus (Thick Beard, No Mustcache)
Lord-General Virgil Spica [Dead]
LADY-General Zubina Liber [Mia]
Lord-General Antares "the Scorpion Prince" (Handlebar Mustache)
Lord-General Chiron (Mohawk & Ponytail)
LADY-General Manon Van-Pysium [Mia]
Lord-General Eridon Phaeton (Bushy Walrus Mustache)
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:51 pm

39 Hunters, Woodsman, and Hobby Archers. An group of undisciplined "rangers" that joined the Imperial army to avoid conscription. Though skilled in their crafts, they lack discipline and motivation. Reed Canfield is among them; so is Calumet (human male), Ridly (half-elf female), and Qanna (tiefling female).

The Empire asked Prince Helfare to see to their training, but the Prince asked Davin to lead them, figuring they were too individualistic to learn from the methodical approach of the elves. Only 13 remain; the others died in the battle of the training grounds.

The surviving members have been placed under Reed's command, and given the name "Reed's Rangers."

Reed Canfield. The Kid with the Bow (see above). Reed is the most talented of the 39, but lacks experience. Reed carries a collection of special arrows. So far, humming bulb arrows, fire arrows, acid arrows, and sticky arrows have been revealed.

Calumet. A human male from the 39. Sent by Davin escort Qanna.

Ridly. A half-elf female from the 39. Sent by Davin escort Qanna.

Qanna. A tiefling female from the 39. Sent by Davin with Intel for the LGs regarding the tunnels.

Familes of the Recently Deceased. Familes were visitting their late loved ones in the temple of the Raven Queen.

Clerics of the Queen. Many Clerics were guiding the Familes of the Recently Deceased in the temple of the Raven Queen. A younger Cleric among them initially refused to grant Verity admission to see the Seer.

The Primus Inter Pares. An oracle of the Raven Queen, she referred to Verity as "Prophet."

The Primus Inter Pares wrote:"Individual crypts are protected by mighty seals, put in place by the Tombwarders; and the catacombs are patrolled by deadly Graveguardians, out on loan from the Queen. If the Dwarves aim to tunnel beneath us, they'd be wise to avoid the homes of the dead."

"But bring me the evacuated vessel of the enemy, and we shall speak with his departed soul. We will find out what secrets he took to his everafter."

Enemies in the Sewers. When Davin scoped out the pipe in the hills, he saw roughly two dozen Dwarves accompanied by half a dozen medium sized humanoids draped in loose pull-over robes and topped with veiled hats. He identifies two of the Dwarves as rockbenders.

Soldiers on the Wall. Panicked soldiers on the wall first reported the moment of the invasion, immediately after the gates were sealed with stone.

Trumpet Boy. Mordax ordered a boy barely old enough to shave to sound the alarm when the Dwarves attacked.

The Iron Hills. Thatch covered iron domes pulled from the inside by 3 mules, these artificial hills house blackpowder cannons and are manned by two Dwarves each. Davin and Reed captured two such hills, and used them to blast down one of the stonewalls that sealed the gates.

Mammoth Trebuchets. The Dwarves also used ridiculously large trebuchets to hurl tons of rock and worked stone at the city! These monstrosities were responsible for destroying the Imperial Library.

Guards at the Gate. Two rows of guards stopped Davin and his stolen hills at the gate. Afterwards, they supplied Davin with four guards to pilot the warmachines so Davin could take the rooftops. The seargent also wrote a requisition form so Davin could pick up Blackpowder at the Depot, on his way to the Training Fields.

Dwarven Hag. On the rooftops, Davin encountered an old Dwarven hag who bore a striking resemblance to Agatha. She cackled at Davin, mocking him has he fled.

Old Librarian. An old woman was working the front desk of the Imperial Library when Straegis, Alex, and the Princess visitted it.

Other Scholars. There were other scholars in the library. Siqerod was one of them. Alex saved them as the Library fell to ruin.

Siqerod. One of the Other Scholars in the library, Siqerod was researching his own spells.

Sandbenders. Terramancers are nearly as common among the heathens of the Great Peninsula as they are among the Dwarvers. Mostly human, these elementalists are referred to as "Sandbenders" by their Dwarven counterparts. Sandbenders tend to possess more fine control, but less crude power, than Rockbenders.

Ivar, Mjolfnir, and Tarn. Dwarves who reportedly visitted the library earlier in the week. They may have had Eladrin with them; and the librarian also mentioned that a stranger wrapped in sheets was with them. It is presumed that Mjolfnir was in fact Mjolfnir of the Wise Stone (see above).

Student Waterbender. Alex found notes scribbled into a book at the library that indicates some ancient waterbender dueled a rockbender and won.

The Great Sage of Etol. Apparently, the GSoE disproved Transconvergent Theory?

Ignead Blas. An ousted mage of yore who disputed Limbonic Theory, he shares the same surname as Aodhan Blas.

Terrifying Apparition. A hideous ghost worked as a Librarian in the Imperial Library. Merely looking at the spectre caused Alex and the Princess to age about 10 years! It's only words were "Shhh!" The apparition did, however, find "Etolic Myths" for Alex (upon request).

Battles in the Street. Dwarves climbed out of the Sewers and attacked various locations throughout the city. Soldiers and Guards responded to the threat. Verity was the first of the PCs to encounter them, involving himself in a battle right before the stoned-over gate that leads to the training grounds. Alex, Straegis, and the Princess witnessed more when they raced through the city, after the collapse of the library; Davin passed yet more as he raced back from the hills with the stolen warmachines.

Verity's fight included a Terramancer, several Bolters, and many Hammerers against Imperial Soldiers and Town Guards ... throughout the fight, reinforcements arrived periodically on the Empire's side. These reinforcements included more soldiers, more archers, Alverdine and two Maor, and then Davin Fletcher. Three soldiers followed Verity's when he ran down the fleeing Rockbender, and one of them was slain for his efforts.

One of the Town Guard's recognized Verity's plight and aksed him if he was wounded; apparently, he then signaled for the Field Medic to help Verity.

Field Medic. A medical soldier healed Verity during the street skirmish, and then Verity stole his flask of healing potions.

3000 Swimmers. 3135 of the Imperial Army's best swimmers were entrusted to Mordax to carryout his unconventional plan. 1470 of them were unable to swim across the mighty river (either turning back or drowning). Shortly after, they were slaughtered by a Regiment of Dwarves (though they managed to slay a messenger in the process, thus delaying the Dwarves' mission). Only 14 Swimmers survived the battle.

A Regiment of Dwarves. After crawling out of the river, 1665 of the 3000 Swimmers encountered a regiment of Dwarves; and fought with them.

Dwarven Commander. Mordax slew the regiment's Commander in one-on-one battle.

Dwarven Subcommander. Mordax was forced to surrender to the Subcommander when the last 14 swimmers ran away.

Two Subordinates. Two Dwarves ordered to guard Mordax after his surrender.

The Dwarven Messenger. The Regiment's Runner was slain during the battle with the 3000 Swimmers.

Dwarven Engineers. The Subcommander ordered his engineers to begin assembling the floating bridge.

Local Pasants. Local peasants banded together and died to help the 3000 Swimmers against the Dwarven Regiment.

Eight Safehouse Hoodlums. Eight ruffians were waiting in the Safehouse that is 15 blocks from the training grounds' gate. They seem to be in the employ of the Lt. Colonel, but whether they are covert soldiers or common criminals remains unclear.

Dwarves mentioned in the book "STONE"
~M, ~T, ~I, The K, P

The Swollen Eye. Mentioned in the book "STONE" as being responsible for destroying the "WO" (Wyver Oak); quite possibly an Orc tribe.

Adham Bin Ammar. Mentioned in the book "STONE" as being a guest of the Dwarves; his name implies he is from the east. Straegis II suspected he might be the same "guy dressed in sheets" that the Librarian mentioned. His name means Black Son of the Builder.

Imperial Mage Core. Enlisted mages.

Lt. Mage. The party recruited a Lt. Mage of the Imperial Mage Core to cast some rituals for them.

A'laia. A hag that fell in love with Prince Zerxus many years ago. The name may or may not be an alias of Agatha's.

Prince Zerxus. The would-be Emperor of long ago, who gave up his thrown to search the swamp for A'laia. His brother, Sazar VII, became Emperor (Note: the High-General was Sazar IX).

Timtim & Bobert. Two entusiastic Imperial Soldiers who are big fans of Mordax's legend. They were honored to bring him stew.

Colonel Olivia. An Eladrin officer serving under Marshal Straegis II, she leads the Velatin Vanguard in the Marshall's absence.

Dwarf Cadavers. Verity hauled some Dead Dwarves to the Oracle of thhe Queen, for questioning. One was a Clan Head.
Speak with Dead wrote:
Verity wrote:"How do we best get beyond that which wards the Cave Temple?
"Dwarves and Formorians guard the Cave Temple, and only a fool's fool would think to challenge their might. Stealth or trickery is your best hope"

But beware, many traps are also constructed within those halls. Some built by the skillful fingers of Dwarves, but many more by the unparalleled artistry of the one called Tulgaarnuk."

Verity wrote:"What must we know to pass safely into the great halls of the Dwarves?"
"The pass from the Cave Temple to the Dwarven Halls is wrought with danger. There, our ancestral foes mingle with abominable horrors, committing bloody orgies unimaginable to godfearing folk ... but a few intrepid souls would stand a much better chance of navigating those infernal corridors than would a marching army."

Verity wrote:"... what can you tell us of words of passage we may need to pass from the temple to the dwarven halls?"
"Words of passage? The ancient corridors hold many doors; sealed shut to either protect the world from what lies behind them, or to protect what lies behind them from the world. Some of these doors have stood since before time recorded. Some of these doors should not be opened."

"Yet, if you wish to travel from the Cave Temple to the Dwarven Halls, there is a road under the mountain. To follow the same road we did, you need only to answer two riddles. The first answer is A HOLE and the second is STEEL. But that path is heavily guarded by my clansmen."

"If you wish to avoid them, you must answer riddles that we could not. I can repeat for you the riddles I remember, but I cannot tell you which door is the one you seek, for I do not know. And remember, there will be yet other doors."

"The riddles I recollect are ... What is that which goes with a wagon, comes with a wagon, is of no use to a wagon, and yet the waon cannot go without it? ... What cannot be named without being broken? ... and ... When one does not know it, it is something; when one knows it, it is nothing."

"That is all I can tell you. I must depart now ..."

Trebuchet Squads. Each of giant trebuchet's were manned by 13 Hammerers, 10 Bolters, 20 Engineers, 3 Rockbenders, 1 Sandbender, 1 Subcommander, and 1 Commander.

Imperial Cavalry. One fragment of the Imperial Cavalry helped the parties bring down their second Dwarven Trebuchet. The Lieutenant in charge of the unit was slain in the battle. Corporal Fortis Sevinus was also among them, and was promoted for his efforts in the fight.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:52 pm

MASTER NPC LIST (Chapters 4-6)
(In Approximate Order of Appearance)

Four Old Merchants. Four elders man the merchant stalls of Jaru.
Directions to Harley's Cabin wrote:Ride due east until you come to Rusty Creek (you can't miss it), and then follow Rusty south until you see her cabin high in the hills. There aren't many cabins out there, but if it helps, hers in the one in the shadow of Bear Mountain. If you get to the sea, you've gone waaaay to far."

Dolenz, Tork, Jones, and Nesmith. Alex's goofy classmates, encountered in Jaru.

Sailors. Sailors were stopped in Jaru who seemed suspiciously like Pirates.

Cap'n Anne. The captain of the 'sailors' encounters in Jaru.

Tanner. One of Cap'n Anne's sailors, who apparently was a tanner before becoming a pirate. He crafted a harness-like set of barding for hound.

Mr. Quadsworth. Cap'n Anne's Quartermaster.

Katrina (aka 'Trina). [See Chapters 1-3 for Introduction]. Katrina is a Waterbender seeker and long time friend of Alex. They were intimate in Jaru, and Katrina gave Alex the name "Alex the Maelstrom."

Mo. Katrina's assistant.

The Beast Glatisant With the feet of a hart, the haunches of a lion, the body of leopard, and the head and neck of a serpent; they say only the truest of hunters ever catches even a glimpse of the Beast Glatisant. Davin spotted such a creature just outside Jaru; Davin, Hound, Mordax, and Verity all chased it, but it got away.

Galeb Duhr. The party fought with a Rockcaller, seven Earthbreakers, and an ordinary boulder on their way to the cave temple.

Juugug (aka Joogug, Juggug, Jugugg, [See Chapters 1-3 for Introduction] During their fight with the Galeb Duhur, the party was reunited with Juugug and Vangg.

Harley. A shephard who lives in wildnerness, somewhere between Jaru and the Cave Temple. She was recommended to the party by the merchants for the task of tending to the horses while the party was undergound.

Seven Dwarves. When the party reached the Cave Temple, the first chamber was occupied by a Commander, two Hammerers, three Bolters, and a Necromancer.

The Legion of 1000. When the party reached the Cave Temple, the main chapel was occupied by approximately 1000 Dwarves.

The Angel of Death. (Dead) A statue of an angel of death was found in the first chamber of the Cave Temple; it had an invisible glyph inscribed on its belly, which Alex removed. She has been identified as Ellasarosha. Mother of Asraelbenzariel.

Asraelbenzariel. Nicknamed "Azzy," the baby angel of death has been growing at an alarming rate ... and thinks Verity is his father. Azzy is the son of Ellasarosha.

Composite Zombies. Roughly 200 zombies, sewn together from pieces of various beings, were contained in cells at the Cave Temple. Whoever built the cells built them where the priest's vaulted living quarters used to be.

Tulgaarnuk [See Chapters 1-3 for Introduction]. A Kobold Trapmaster and priest of the Raven Queen, Tulgaarnuk was responsible for trapping the secret tunnels that run parallel to the main cavern complex under the Bitten Peaks.

Rinh the Ogre. (MIA) [See Chapters 1-3 for Introduction]. Presumably killed in the Cave Temple Massacre, it was Rinh who ordered Tulgaarnuk to build so many traps.

WoeGhar Diijungghar. [See Chapters 1-3 for Introduction] Vangg's former father is a distant cousin of the Dwarf King.

Njörðr VIII (aka Njörðr the Saga). King of the Dwarves.

Four Young Aboleths. Attacked the party on the underground Mörkvatten River.

Three or more Stone Golems. Waited at the bottom of Taalgarnuk's light-trap.

Gilby Gildenbristle. One of the still-living healer-heroes from a blonde-bearded Dwarf clan.

Flos Fairtress. One of the still-living healer-heroes from a blonde-bearded Dwarf clan.

Aksel Sallowmane. One of the still-living healer-heroes from a blonde-bearded Dwarf clan. Vangg knows/knew Aksel, from when he lived with the Dwarves. Snorri also mentioned that his group was led by "Champion Sallowmane."

Birget Sallowmane. One of the still-living healer-heroes from a blonde-bearded Dwarf clan. Vangg knows/knew Birget, from when he lived with the Dwarves. Snorri also mentioned that his group was led by "Champion Sallowmane."

Dyre Flaxendown. One of the still-living healer-heroes from a blonde-bearded Dwarf clan

Maritron the Mindbender. (Historic) A Githyanki gifted in both the magical and psionic arts. He abandoned his people, and set up a bizarre laboratory somewhere in these mountains. According to rumor, he used to kidnap goblins, kobolds, and occassionally dwarves, in order to perform sick experiments with their bodies (live or dead). The tale also states that he was slain 75 years ago by Njörðr the Saga. Alex may or may not have found his robe is a treasure trove in the underdark.

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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:52 pm

Rex Qalibar. (Historic) the evil monarch that was overthrown by Sazar I during the early age of Etol. Though historical evidence suggests that he was real, it also suggests that he died long, long before the birth of Sazar I. Supposedly, Rex Qalibar conquered the cruel snake people who lived in these lands before the rise of humanity; they gave him a sword as a gift of fealty and surrender. Straegis found that sword in a treasure trove in the underdark.

Rex Qalibar's Tale wrote:"It is a long tale; too long to fully account in a single telling. But I shall tell you this much: ages ago, this region of the world was overrun by scalykind. While the arrogant Arkhosians claimed to rule their 'lesser' kin, in truth their kin paid their mighty empire little heed. The lizardfolk cared little about what happened outside of their bountiful bog; the troglodytes of the mountains saw no reason to interract with the dragon men of Arkhosia; and the wicked serpent people of the Yuan-ti held the dragonborn in open contempt."

"Of course, the human empire of Bael Turath stood opposite Arkhosia, willing to live and let live. But that isn't the nature of such cold-blooded creatures. Arkhosia marched against Bael Turath, inflicting terrible atrocities upon the people. The nobles of Bael Turath fought back, but who could stand against the terrible power of their foe's dragon gods? So, the Bael Turan's turned to a power nearly as dark as the dragons themselves: the devilish legions of hell."

"The war tore both empires to the ground. Neither survived; victims of mutually assured destruction brought upon the world by the lust and greed of scalykind."

"But from the ashes of Bael Turath, mankind's indefeatable will to survive rose again. Singular keeps and isolated strongholds rose up to claim what was rightfully theirs; petty baronies formed and reformed, and eventually united with their neighbors. Unlike their reptilian advesaries, mankind is naturally united."

"It was from one such forsaken keep than I once hailed from; and the decent folk of my village demanded that I rid the country side of the sinister yuan-ti. My campaign against the snakemen went well, at first. As baronies united to become duchies, and duchies strove to be kingdoms, the name of 'Rex Qalibar' became a rallying cry for humans everywhere. The lords and ladies of the land depended on that spirit to lead them into the future."

"And then I died. Slain by the treachery of a Zehirist assassin."

"But the noble lords could not allow their hero to be taken away so easily. Still armed with the diabolic powers used against the Dragonborn, Bael Turath's survivor's dragged me from death to continue their war. And so I did."

"And when I was done, I vowed to maintain peace in the realm that I fought so hard to liberate. The old institutions that sought to restablish themselves crumbled; but a new kingdom emerged: my kingdom."

"And it was peaceful for a hundred years."

"Eventually, another human Empire arose: the empire of Nerath. And my kingdom was quickly, and willfully, assimiliated. Yet, I was allowed to keep my kingdom as a feudal subject of the Emperor. And so I did."

"But all things must eventually whither and die. Nerath did so rather quickly. And as she fell, her many kingdoms fought to dominate each other. Nerath's legacy was in reducing the glory of mankind to the petty squabbling of lizards."

"But we defended ourselves from all who would depose us. That is, until a meek man from the quaint town of Etol came and respectfully requested that I step aside to allow a new era to begin: 'the era of man,' he said."

"In my desire to see mankind reach the potential I knew she had, I failed to consider that I was no longer a part of it. This news broke me. But I stepped aside, and allowed Sazar to lead Etol to glory. Me and mine retreated to these halls, forever outcast from the human world we helped forge."

Dwarven Miners. A groups of dwarven miners were trying to chisel past one of Taalgarnuk's riddle doors. They were complaining about their superior officer's lewd behavior. They were slain when the party intentionally triggered the sonic trap imbued in the door.

But a second group of miner's came afterward, drawn by the thunderous sound. They roo were slain by the trap when the party triggered it a second time ... only one of the miner's survived: Snorri.

Snorri Sablelock. A dwarven miner that was captured, interrogated, and abducted by the "heroes."
Snorri's Words wrote:"Travel? Um, I dunno what you mean by 'travel,' but there's two regiments stationed here; about 10,000 hearty dwarves. As far as how much further on you'll be encountering my kinsmen, well, I guess that depends on which way you're headed. If you're going north, then you'll be in our lands for weeks yet; if you're heading south, then maybe a day or two?"
_____ _____ _____ _____

Q: "Why are 10,000 Dwarves stationed here?"
A: "Wha? Because of this door. We don't know what's behind it, but we know that all sorts of monsters live in this neck of the Mountains. We didn't want an army of goblins, or a band of Illithid, coming up behind us."

Q: "Where does the perpendicular tunnel that meets with this one lead?"
A: "What do you mean? You mean the hallway you pulled me out of? It leads back to the temporary outpost, where the troops are stationed ... along the Undermountain Road."

Q: "What is the size of the Dwarven force protecting the Wise Stone?"
A: "Protecting the Wise Stone? I dunno. A few dozen? Why would it need protecting? What are you planning to do?"

Q: "What do you think of the War vs. the Empire?"
A: "Me? I think it was necessary. The Empire has been slowly surrounding us for years now, and in that while they've destroyed or conquered everyone else around them. We were next. It was strike now or suffer the same fate as countless others."

Q: "What does the Magic Mouth say on this door and the other?"
A: "It's written in Iokharic, but I've been told that one translate to 'What is that which goes with a wagon, comes with a wagon, is of no use to a wagon, and yet the wagon cannot go without it?' and the other translates as 'What cannot be named without being broken?' ... there is a third door, as well, to the left. The words on IT translate as 'When one does not know it, it is something; when one knows it, it is nothing.' ... There's also a complete set of Iokharic letters on each door, probably for answering the questions; but our first translater died trying to answer the third door; the middle door. Since then, Champion Sallowmane tried having a translator tell her which icons to push, but she was still unable to get the door open. So, she commanded the rest of us to leave the riddles alone, and instead to concentrate on mining past the doors ... we think we know the answers to the other two riddles, but we can't try without a translator, and the translators aren't willing to go against the Champion's orders."

Q: "An' what ye beknow o' da Cave Temple an' what nots?"
A: Of the Cave Temple? Not much. Months ago, we heard that some hags and giants slaughtered everyone inside, and took up residence in the temple. The Saga sent a band of heroes to confront the monsters, and a portion of the army followed to back them up. Ever since then, we've been holding the Undermountain road, despite the raging conflict near Etol ..."

"... frankly, we didn't expect to find many survivors, but after months of searching, we haven't found ANY! But, but ... you three, " indicating Vangg, Juugug, and Verity, "you three are from the Cave Temple, aren't you? You ... you're WoeVanng Diijungghar, aren't you?"

Q: "How long have you and your oafish brothers been down in these tunnels digging around?"
A: "Uhh ... oafish?! Um ... well, a couple months, I'd say."

Q: "WoeVangg Rinh, please. Dat udder name be an dead ta me's. What ye beknow o' me?"
A: "I know that you left your ancestral halls to study at the Cave Temple, to follow the Raven Queen, and to live among the ogres, goblins, and other miscreants." He casts a sideways glance at Juugug as he says this. Juugug responds with a wink and an air kiss (mockingly).

Motley Crew. An Illithid, a Grimlock, a Drow, an Ogre, and an Umberhulk waited along one of the main underdark thoroughfares, promising a warm meal and safe campsite (probably a trap). Mandibula and Kersh was among them. The whole group was apparently under the Illithid's control. Kersh identified the monsters as [Kersh the Ogre], Zek'kus the Drow, Loya the Grimlock, Mandibular the Umberhulk, and Isquithild the Mindflayer.

Kersh the Ogre a former member of the motley crew (above), Kersh survived the fight and agreed to join the heroes on their journey through the underdark. kersh knew of Rinh, but did not him personally.

Kersh's Rhymes wrote:"If ya see holes roun,' in means eye tyrands aboun'."

"An,' If slimey river wet ya, Aboleth gonna getcha."

"An,' Chains an' pick near lake, Kuo - toa gonna take you, oh."
Kersh's Story wrote:"Kersh an' Kersh's brutha huntin' one day, when Kersh's goat go runnin' off inta da caves. Kersh follow, but Kersh's brutha not. He say 'Kersh, don' go in dere! It be dark,' but Kersh not listen; Kersh mean t'get goat back."

"So, Kersh follow goat, but Kersh no see. Too dark. Kersh never fin' goat. 'Den, Kersh get lost, an' can't find way home."

"Kersh roam 'round dark, lost an' lonely, 'til one day he wakes up ... an' he's workin' fer da 'lithid. Hmm. Kersh no rememner 'greein' ta work fer no 'lithid. Anyways ..."

"Kersh meet new frien's! Mandibular, Zek'kus, an' Loya. An' dey all work fer Isquithild. But, Kersh new frien' not really like Kersh. Dey make fun o' him an' let him not see. Kersh no like Mandibular, Zek'kus, an' Loya! Kersh no like Isquithild!! Kersh happy when new new frien's save him. Kersh have new frien's now: frien' Hound, frien' Alex, frien' Verity, frien' Vangg, frien' Juugug, frien' Straegis, frien' Mordax, frien' Azzy, frien' Davin, and not-frien' Snorri!"

"Then, Kersh an' new frien's beat up meany Orcs. Kersh sad he not get ta eat orcs (only friend Azzy get ta eat orcs, but he leave all da meat on da bones), but dat's okay. Beatin' up orcs fun, too."
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:52 pm

Bands of Orcs. Wave after wave of Orks came at the heroes in the hunderdark highway. The earlier waves used a bullhorn to summon the later waves. Cap'n Tarng was among the first wave. The half-orc marksman and his worg companion were in the third group (that group that was mislead by bloody dwarven boot prints heading up the wrong stairs).

Cap'n Tarnq. One of the Orc Captains slain on along the underdark highway. Mordax wears his magical gauntlets.

Denizens of the Underdark. Disguised as a motley band themselves, the party passed several denizens on their trek. Among them: a beholder, little hooked-nozed men riding giant bat-like creatures, an ettin, beetles, ettercaps, fish-people, umberhulks, hobgoblins, a tentancle monster, a band of mercenary wartrolls, troglodytes; gnolls, stirges, giant spiders, dire rats, goblins pretending to be dead; more orcs, more trolls, more mixed goblinoids.

Just before the party reached the [Iron Door], they passed a frantic groyp of goblins and a frantic group of gnolls; and shortly after that, a dead dragonborn soldier, two dead grimlocks, and burnt dead eye tyrant! After that, hundreds of charred bodies. Then, 20 Drow who were quickly destroyed by an Ancient Red Wyrm.

The Bazaar. Along the underdark highway, the party passed through a strange bazzar filled with all manner of strange creatures; including Nikumbha the merchant.

Nikumbha the Rakshasa Merchant A rakshasa merchant (disguised as a human), started off trying to blackmail the party, but eventually gave them a fairly good deal on several items, bits of useful information, and a few suggestions for their ruse. His eventually helpfulness was mostly due to Verity's diplomatic demeanor.

The Eye of Gruumsh. Shaman of the great one-eyed Orc god, this fellow (and a few other Orks) tried to extract a toll from the party as they passed down Mardogc's Road. He was easily intimidated by Mordax and Straegis, but was able to induce from the heroes' words that it was they who were responsible for the slaughter of his tribesmen. He then gathered another band of Orks to pursue the party.

Raiders of the Bloodshot Eye. Orkish raiders, Orkish bloodragersm the EoG, two Worgs, an orcish siege crew, and the Half-Orc Marksman pursed the party and attacked them (where the party had piled up boxes to create a short defensive wall -- an spot that shall forever be known as "Straegis's Funnel").

Half-Orc Marksman. A crossbow-wielding half-orc marksman who was first encounter with the third wave of Orc bands, and then later with the Raiders of the Bloodshot Eye. He seems to travel with a Worg companion.

Ancient Red Dragon. Davin watched as this frightening beast utterly destroyed 20 seasoned drow warriors, and then preceded toward the party (who were, unfortuitously, disguised as Drow).

Nennius (Undead). The personal sage and advisor of Rex Qalibar.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:38 am

Hedephera. The sphinx of the Necropolis of Marisanke. It was she who told the heroes of Sallowmane's book.

Marisanke (Historical). Marisanke was a pharoah on the eastern peninsula, several hundred years ago; her rule was short-lived, but she supposedly imprisoned some monstrous oracle. ... perhaps it was Hedephera?

Birget Sallowmane (Dead/See Above). One of Moradin's Champions. She was also researching the powers of the Wise Stone. The heroes killed her for that information.

The Goblin Market. The heroes passed through a city filled with Goblins and other monsters, on their journey through the Underdark.

Two Sandbenders. The heroes spotted two Sandbenders shopping in the Goblin Market, not too far from the Dwarven Gates on the Underdark. Davin picked their pockedt and came away with some keys.

Those keys had some kind of code inscribed on them: "G - L7 - D3 - D:R" on one and "G - R6 - U1 - D:L" on the other.

Drow. A group of Drow were also spotted in the Goblin Market.

Gujoy. Juugug's former goblin brother. And a hearse driver.

Gujoy's Rothe. The heroes stole Gujoy's hearse and Rothe, and eventually ate the Rothe.

Goblin Sentries. Goblin's guarded the end of their territory, but made no effort to stop the disguised heroes.

Underdark Crowd. A group of underdark residents yelled at the party as they passed through the gate into Dwarf territory.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:55 am

Dwarven Regiments. Twelve Dwarves guarded the wall near the temple where Birgit Sallowmane resided. 7000 more were stationed behind that wall. Birgit Sallowmane was among them (she had several items in her possession, including the Telluric Templar and eight keys on an Iron Ring).

Allies. The heroes called in allies to help take the Wise Stone.
- Lieutentant Frater Servinus and a regiment of Ferall's troops (5000 strong).
- Reed Canfield and Reed's Rangers (13 strong).
- Colonel Olivia and the Velatin Vanguard (now only 3791).
- Jenna, Viktor, Iassic, Derrick, Garret and some of the Host Guard (12 strong). Iassic died in the battle.
- Kradag and 100 Garkondrak hunters, who came through with Jenna.

Frater's News of the War wrote:"The Empire fares well, considering. We are still under siege, but holding our own. The Emperor was waiting on word from all of you; he was certian this was the best plan we had in action. ... though he has employed a number of other, stranger, strategies, as well. A lot of people have risen to occassion under his leadership, and because of them, we've accomplished many significant victories."

"Oh, well, nothing TOO unreasonable, I suppose; he just ... well, he just ... tends to rely on so-called 'heroes' more than the last Emperor did, that's all."

The Telluric Templar. The Earthbender equivilent to the Aqueaus Templar.

The Savage Horde. Orcs, Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobgoblins marched up behind the heroes on their trip to the Dwarven wall. They were lead by the half-orc Mardogc and several unidentified chieftans, witchdoctors, and shamen. When the horde invaded Dwarf territory, some of their number were left behind to guard the wall.

Temple Guards. Dwarfs in plate armor pretending to be empty suits stood watch outside Moradin's temple grounds. The heroes slew them.

Priests, Pallys, and Elementals. Dwarven clergy was waiting for them as the heroes made their way into Moradin's temple grounds. They had apparently summoned Elementals to help them.

Rinh (See above; see below). His Holy symbol was found in Sallowmane's bedroom.

Rockbenders and Sandbenders. Loads of Rockbenders moved passed the Wise Stone (either in conteplation or on business) as the heroes prepared to destroy it. A few Sandbenders were there also.

They barred the heroes into Sallowmane's office and posted sentries outside the door (whom the heroes killed).

A Dozen Soldiers. A mixed groups of Imperials and Eladrin cheered as the heroes left the Exodus room, the morning after destroying the Wise Stone.

Scorpion Prince, Lord-General Antares. The Scorpion Prince lead reinforcement to the Heroes' Vortex to protect it from Dwarven counterattacks. He brought many troops with him. Reed, Jenna, and Kradag were with him in the Command Station.

Kersh (See above; see below). Kersh was in the infirmary, injured and under guard.

Junior Officers/ Some junior officers were sharing a pint in the Officers' Lounge. Frater and Olivia were not there.

Frater and Olivia (See above; see below). These two were discored in a compromising position.

Corpse Duty. Alex and Juugug and Taalgarnnuk encounters the soldiers on corpse duty, as the Brothers Rinh went to go bless dead.

Old Merchant. In Jaru, only one of the old merchants braved the rain the assist the heroes as they shopped.

Merchant's Wife. That merchant's wife braided Vangg's hair and beard.

Bad Bonney, Scourge of the Western Sea (Historic). A pirate who allegedly once owned the Premonition ring that the Merchant in Jaru had for sale.

Boggs (Historic). An Arkhosian Assassin who allegedly once owned the Chameleon ring that the Merchant in Jaru had for sale.

Katrina (See above; see below). Katrina contacted Alex via a Sending ritual.
"Found more of Umar's ruins. The amulet I told you about has become 'different'. Making real progress. How did your spelunking go? Sailing back. ~'Trina."

Harley. The unusual wild girl finished training Zephyr, Hannibell, Meridock, Beatrice Anne, and Facey while the heroes were gone. The horses were no longer "normal." Harley was sad to see them leave.

She also claimed to be the daughter of the goddess Melora!

Zephyr, Hannibell, Meridock, Beatrice Anne, and Facey. The heroes' horses.

Bri. Harley's own horse.

Sheep and Goats. Sheep and Goats are always hanging around Harley's yard.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

Post  Malazek on Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:21 am

Dwarf Patrols. The dwarven army was patrolling the streets of the ruined Imperial districts. The heroes slew the first group, but avoided the others.

Dwarf Gate Guards. The gates of the ruined Imperial districts were likewise guarded by Dwarves.

Dwarven Base. A larger garrison of Dwarfs in the ruined Imperial district forced the heroes out of their way.

Cleric of the Queen. Verity saw the same priest that tried to deny him admittance weeks earlier. This time the young clergyman hurried toward the back of the church as soon as he sees the knight apprach.

the Primus Inter Pares (See above; see below). She told Vangg, "My will is irrelevent; I am but the mouthpiece of that which the Queen wishes to make known to me ... but you, Vangg of the Cave Temple, have yet a greater destiny." and "You are to lead many brethren. More than that, I cannot say."

Sallowmane's Corpse

Speak with the Dead wrote:Q: "What do you know of the fate of the Ogre Priest of the Raven Queen who's holy symbol you locked away."
A: "He has been caged and brought to the Saga."

Q: "How would one best get safely past that which guards Rihn now?”
A: "Foes are never safe, when they approach Njörðr VIII. If the Saga wishes it, only then can one approach ..."

Q: "What is the least bounty - the person, item or task we might most readily acquire or achieve - which The Saga would trade in return for Rihn's freedom?"
A: "I do not know. Perhaps you should ask him?"

Ferrall's HQ. When they made it back to Ferrall's HQ, the heroes were applauded by the troops and greeted by the Emperor, General Darnell Velius (formerly, the Lt. Col.), Uncle Veridic, Alverdine, Nissa, Captain Hawkes, Bluto Rexus, and Aodhan Blas ... as well as many other familiar (but nameless) faces.

General Griff Doron. Head of the IMC.

IMC. Imperial Mage Corpse.

Velius's Fence. Once of Velius's men is apparently an expert at Appraisal?

Hag. The heroes all dreamt of some mysterious stunted Hag bothering them in their sleep.

Soldier. One soldier had heard of Thaddeus Crane. He has apparently hared a beer with him at an Inn that is no longer standing.

Innkeeper. Davin found an Innkeeper who knew Thaddeus Crane was holed up in a cottage outsside the city.

Thaddeus Crane. The elderly alchemist who creates special arrows for Reed Canfield. Davin and Vangg and Verity paid him a visit and purchased some special items. Both Davin and Vangg thought the man was familiar; but Verity did not.

Imperial Tailors. Imperial Tailors were order to take the heroes' measurements.

Teleporting Courier. Alex hired someone to teleport to Jaru and deliver a sending stone to Katrina.
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Re: People, Places, and Things!

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