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Party Charter

Post  Malazek on Wed Jul 06, 2016 6:25 pm

Per Chapter 2.11 ...

Party loot is defined as “any loot earned, where it took several party members working together to achieve it” (e.g. coins dropping from an enemy combatant’s person would be party loot and subject to a divide).
Money made through personal professions, while the party member is working alone (e.g. playing an instrument) would not be subject to party divide. Of course, we cannot predict every possible scenario; so, as we discover new or odd scenarios, we can vote on the outcome of the loot, as a party. Any ties go to the party loot pile by default.
The loot will then be divided out in equal shares to the whole party. If the loot is an object, the object will be sold, at which point the coins for the sale will be divided equally. At any point, a party member can ask to keep an item; if a majority of the party agrees, then the party member can keep the item.
If at any point, a party member appears not to be contributing equally (as in the case personal assistants, hirelings, henchman and apprentices), then those members should receive only a partial share. At that point, the party can vote on what the value of the part is.
As our new member has also suggested, party expenses should also be discussed. A party vote should be taken on any expenditures that are made on behalf of the party or that would somehow provide benefit to the party. If it is determined to be a legitimate party expenditure, then the cost of all party expenses should be split equally.
Current Party Members:
-          Bargundir the Warg
-          Brody Sable
-          Drakor the Elusive
-          Felix Broomhildakin
-          Gemma Sable
-          Iris Landsend
-          Jasmine Landsend
-          Merrill Black
-          Miriam Sable
-          Taryk Stormbreaker
-          Thane Ogemish
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