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Felix Broomhildakin

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Name: Felix Broomhildakin
Alias: Dioro Evinrood "The Traveling Musician"
Player: Scott
Description: Felix, a short elderly human man, is often smiling and cracking jokes. Thinly built and quick, he stands at 4'11" - he wears his graying black hair long (in ponytail), has a finely groomed beard, and he possesses striking features for his age of 55. Raised as a circus performer, Felix can often  be found playing the flute or whistling tunes; also, he does flips, performs juggling, does sleight-of-hand tricks, and runs sprint races. He wears dark green and black garments with a hooded robe. His Flute can be used as a blowgun or a club as well.
Born into the family of The Broomhildakin (100's of generations of Circus performers).
Max/Current HPs: 10/10
Max/Current APs: 10/3
Movement Speed: 6
Unspent XPs: 1

- Charming:
The  character  has  a  pleasant  or  attractive  quality about  him.  As  such,  you  gain  a  +2  bonus  on  all “pleasant” social rolls, including most persuasion rolls and performance rolls.
For 12 XPs, you can increase the bonuses from +2 to +3.

- Nimble:
The character is quick and agile. He gains a +2 bo nus to movement speed and a +2 bonus on any roll that involves agility or balance (including most athletics rolls).
For 12 XPs, you can increase the bonuses from +2 to +3.

- Luck:
The character is extremely lucky. You can spend an AP to re-roll any roll that you just made.

- Bardic Song: Inspirational Themes
Recommended: ranks in the Performance skill
The character learns to play epic songs that are so rousing,  they can inspire people to exceed their normal limits.  Playing such a song uses the bard’s action each round for as long as the character continues to play. Each round that the song is sustained, the bard can “lend” a single AP to one ally within 10 yards who can hear the song. The bard can target a new ally each round, or continue to target the same ally, for as long as he has AP left to give.
     If the borrowed AP is spent before the bard stops playing, then the recipient also gains a bonus on any rolls associated with that AP. For example, if the ally uses the AP to fuel his extra attack advantage, then the bonus applies to the attack roll of the additional attack. That bonus is equal to the bard’s performance rank! AP that are not spent before the song ends do not receive the added bonus to associated rolls. Furthermore, if the recipient’s current number of AP exceeds his maximum pool of AP, then the extra points are lost when the song ends.

- Bardic Song: Captive Audience
Recommended: ranks in the Performance skill
The character learns to play enchanting songs that are so fascinating,  they can captivate a listener. Starting the song uses an action and requires the bard to spend an AP. The bard then makes a performance roll and chooses a single target within 10 yards who can hear the song. If the result equals or exceeds the listener’s willpower, then the victim stands captivated by the song, unable to take action s or make perception-related rolls for as long as the bard continues to play. Sustaining the song uses one of the bard’s actions each round, until he stops playing. If the victim suffers any loss of HPs while captivated, however, then the effect is broken and ends immediately.
     The bard can target additional listeners each round by spending another AP and making another performance roll. As long as the bard sustains the song, existing captives remain affected. The bard cannot, however, play two different bardic songs at the same time.

- Fugitive:
Your character is wanted by the law and hunted by bounty-hunters. You suffer a -2 penalty on social rolls when dealing with authority figures. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to complain when one of your many enemies finally lops off your head.

- Performance +2 (+4 w/ Charming)
Use the performance skill to sing and dance, play a musical instrument, tell stories, read poetry, or any other kind of performance. Your skill roll determines the quality of the performance. A powerful performance can even sway the  mood  of  a  crowd.  The  performance  skill  can  also  be  used  as  an  artisan  skill  to  make  money  between  adventures (securing the support of a patron or finding a permanent venue counts as “owning” the business). Note  that  if  the  character  has  any  of  the  bardic  song  advantages,  then  this  skill  is  used  to  determine  the effectiveness of those songs.

- Athletics +2 (+4 w/ Nimble)
The athletics skill is used to balance, climb, jump, run, tumble, or swim. The TN for any such roll is determined by the GM and based on difficulty. While climbing or swimming, a character moves at one-quarter their normal speed.

- Legerdemain +2
Use  legerdemain  to  pick  someone’s  pocket  or  to  perform  sleight  of  hand  tricks.  When  picking  pockets,  a deception or stealth roll may be needed to avoid rousing suspicion.

- Stealth +2
Use the stealth skill to move quietly, to hide, or to avoid being noticed. In order to hide, you must be obscured from  view.  A  skill  roll  is  usually  needed.  If  your  roll  equals  or  exceeds  the  perception  of  the  onlookers,  then  you successfully go unnoticed. The roll may be modified by circumstances. For example, creeping across a floor strewn with dried leaves is more difficult than creeping across a clean floor; hiding in a dark room is easier than hiding in a brightly lit room; and so on. The GM may rule that it is impossible to use stealth in some situations.

- Burglary  +1
Use the burglary skill to “pick” open locks, pry open chests, kick open doors, disable complex traps, or otherwise bypass security measures to “gain entry.”

Languages: Common

Flute/Bo Staff/Blowgun with leather string to carry over shoulder/body
Tiny wooden acoustic bandore with leather strap
Fencing Rapier
Bandolier with 20 Blowdarts
hunting knife
A weapon care kit

Light Armor
A backpack
A bedroll
2 large belt pouches

A torch
A rope (17 yards long)
Set of bone dice
deck of cards
small mirror
grappling hook

pipe + herb pouch
5 days of rations
A water skin (full)
baked bread loaf
2 days worth of jerky

44 coins
2 Lapis Lazuli gems (25g each)

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