Taryk Stormbreaker

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Taryk Stormbreaker

Post  TheDeadWillWalk on Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:42 pm

Name: Taryk Stormbreaker
Player: Jay
Description: Wiry, southern man with dark hair and eyes. Stubble. Seems always alert, eyes darting around restlessly.  Mostly jovial, but personality can change on a whim.  Often unpredictable behavior. Skilled archer. Sometimes emits sparks from eyes when nervous. Taryk was found as an infant, by an elderly couple at the southern edge of the Eastwood during a terrible thunderstorm.  It is unknown why the child was abandoned, but the couple deemed him blessed by Tarana to have survived the storm, and named him after the goddess, also granting him a fitting surname.  Taryk spent a decent childhood in a small village, but it quickly became apparent to his caretakers that, though pleasant, Taryk was too much to handle.  His seemingly limitless curiosity and breaking into places he shouldn't be, combined with his tendency to spontaneously generate electricity and shock other kids or destroy property, led his foster parents to leave him with a dwarven hunter named Urgrim in the Eastwood.  There he learned to use a bow and harnessed his lightning abilities. He left this home at the age of 19 out of restlessness and with Urgrim's blessing.  Something that is especially calming to Taryk is painting.  He seems to be at ease when he does so, often painting landscapes and then zapping them with a light dose of electricity to create realistic images of lightning in the painting's sky.  In hard times, he sells these for profit.
Max/Current HPs: 10/8
Max/Current APs: 12
Movement Speed: 4
Unspent XPs: -

Reputation (Unpredictable): You suffer a -2 penalty on any social roll where your reputation is a hindrance.

Storm Magic,  Basic: The character understands how to use basic spells associated with storm magic and can accurately predict the weather days in advance. This gives the character a +2 bonus on any roll that is dependent on the weather (e.g., survival rolls to build an adequate shelter during a storm, farming rolls to plan for the harvest, navigation rolls on a sea-going vessel, and the like). The character is also able to project petite bolts of lightning up to 10 yards at her/his enemies. Make an attack, using the character’s spellcraft bonus for the attack roll. If the result equals or exceeds the target’s defenses, then the attack inflicts 4 points of electrical damage. Add a +2 bonus to the attack roll if the target is wearing metal armor, is made of metal, or is carrying a pole-like weapon. If this spell is cast during an actual storm, then it inflicts double damage (triple on a critical hit).

Jack-of-all-trades: The character possesses a basic familiarity with a wide variety of skills and knowledges. You gain a +1 bonus on any unskilled rolls you make. Furthermore, the character can learn “new” skills at Rank 2 for just 3 XPs.

Extra Skills: The character is exceptionally learned and starts with an extra two skills (i.e. with six skills, instead of four).

Extra AP: The character starts with 2 extra APs (that is, 12 instead of 10).

Alert: The character is exceptionally observant and/or vigilant. You gain a +2 bonus on all perception-related rolls.

Marksmanship +2
Spellcraft +2
Stealth +2
Burglary +2
Investigation +2
Painter +2

Languages: Common

Long Bow
Quiver of Arrows
Leather Armor (Light)
Long knife
Belt pouch
Rope (17 yds)
Weapon care kit
Painting Set

Coins: 20
Arcane Adept
Arcane Adept

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