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Post  Malazek on Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:34 am

Rules for the game will forwarded (in PDF format) to all participating players. Rules for the forum are as follows:

Brief out-of-character comments should be preceded with by -OOC. (Longer out-of-character discussions belong in a different thread). For example ...
-OOC: How do I roll that?

In-character dialogue should be encapsulated by quotation marks. For example ...
I tell the innkeeper, "it looks like we won't be needing that room, after all."

Posts in the story thread should include a narrative description, as well as any pertinent game mechanics. (If a roll is needed that wasn't included, I can edit it into your post; that's no big deal. I think most players, however, prefer to handle their own dice. In some cases, it may even be necessary for me to roll, just to speed up the game). For example ...
Carefully taking aim, Malkor hurls his axe at the savage troll, yelling "Take that!" 9 to hit, 3 damage.

Commit to posting at least once a day. That is the minimum that is needed to keep the game moving. Any less and the game will slowly grind to a halt. (In combat, I may have to post in a player's stead, if she/he has been absent for more than a day; but it would be better if players posted their own actions).

Discussions about the system itself belong in the system feedback forum.

Any posts that are not related to the D.F.RPG.S probably belong in the Miscellany forum at the top of the main page. Normal forum rules apply.

We'll address any additional protocols as the need arises.
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